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The lone miner (Sam Rockwell) at a lunar facility suffers hallucinations.
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MOON - shines bright! Rating: 92 out of 100. (Based on recent preview)

Recently, I was fortunate to attend the free preview of this WONDERFUL 97-minute movie by director/screenwriter Duncan Jones(son of David Bowie) in his directorial debut. MOON stars the talented...

scrollerdust, you dumbass

By Honesty1
Why in the world would you put a spoiler out there about the movie? You are the biggest jackass....


By BJDallas
This is a movie that grows on you. I walked out wondering how this movie got such high ratings as it wasn't what I was expecting....No action, no great visuals. I was somewhat let down but it still...

If David Bowies ode to space was a song its only fitting his son would provide some visual aides

By matttalbot71
Moon was a different, albeit, good movie. Moon is not a movie centered solely around how many CGI special effects you can fit, but more a dramatic character study. It is refreshing to see that a...

Interesting, perplexing, and thought provoking

By rockydoggies
Don't ruin the movie for yourself, so be careful when reading spoiler reviews, this is not a spoiler on the plot so read on. I would usually expect this kind of movie in August because July is the...

awesome movie

By giozz21
i decided to go watch this movie because of the trailers i caught here and there online and at theaters, and i was honestly blown away. The movie is a great throwback to the good ol' sci-fi genre...

One of the Best Films of the Year

By Akamu_Ra
If you want action sci-fi forget it. This is a studied piece much like Tarkovski's Solaris. It asks the same question as The Island did but in a much more realistic and less flashy fashion. Well...

A REAL science fiction movie

By Dimensional Traveler
This is a _REAL_ science fiction movie, not the kind of fantastical "blow-em-up" F/X showcase that Hollywood labels as sci-fi. There are no fantastic elements, everything is based on real current...


By Rich S
This film is excellent on many accounts. It is a technically beautiful Sci Fi environment taking place in an [almost] completely automated Moon mining base. The story on the surface blends Asimov [I,...

I really want to see this movie. But how?

By eagleapex
So it opened June 12th, 13 days ago. Where? Someone's basement in NYC so they get get in on the Oscars? Is this like Idicocracy where the producers hated the movie so they didn't distribute it? I...

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