Mood runs the gamut from exhilarating to depressing

By claude956
Written March 10, 2015
I am a big fan of Michel Gondry's work and Mood Indigo takes his crazy visuals beyond anything we have seen before. A movie where everything makes sense is not the reason one would go to a Gondry film. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie but the way in which everything went tragic for the characters towards the end made me leave the theater with a very strange feeling. The director seems to criticize depressing existentialism in the character of Jean Sol Partre but ends the film on a very existentialist note. The visual expressions of the love between Colin and Chloe extremely well done and joyful. I also got a big kick out of the Biglemoi dance and the Pianocktail machine. This movie is definitely worth the time and money but if you are looking for straightforward narrative film making then Mood Indigo is not for you.
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Beautiful and tragic

By cincinox
Written March 10, 2015
I had seen "Mood indigo" last year in Europe and have loved it! It is beautiful and tragic, and was unexpectedly true to the book (which was one of my favorites growing up). I am puzzled that many scenes have been cut out the movie for the american release (why???!!!), but still love the surreal poetry of this motion picture.
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By ArtHouseGuy65
Written July 31, 2014
A brilliant work!! A must see!!
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Boris Vian

By pdrflwr
Written March 10, 2015
A few months ago I read the book "foam Of the daze" the English translation of the French book that this movie is based on. It was a bit of a complex read with tons of images happening all at the same time. I've been waiting for this movie to come out in the US for a year. I wondered how Gondry would capture and portray these images without CGi. I will say I was not disappointed in the least.
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Mood Indigo

By marthafouts
Written March 10, 2015
I hated it!!
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