Monte Carlo Synopsis
A summer trip turns into the fantasy of a lifetime for a teen (Selena Gomez) and her two friends.
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A Warm and Mildly Romantic Buddy Movie...Well Worth Your Time.

By Al P
It's always a pleasure to see a film that needn't rely on innuendo, promiscuity or profanity in order to deliver an entertaining and engaging romantic story. The cast here is perfectly matched to...

Better than expected

By spandrea
When I saw the previews I expected it to be like the Lizzy McGuire movie but that is not the case. Selena did such a good job that even though she is playing two characters, you tend to like one...

Monte Carlo review

By kaseyawolford
it was a very good movie for the whole family...

better than lizzie mcguire movie

By tati_jay
The only similarities between Monte Carlo and the Lizzie McGuire movie is that the girl goes off to another country and impersonates someone else. I like the way this story was told. Has romance,...

Monte Carlo

By GossipGirlAni
I LOVED this movie. When you see the previews... it seems like one of those boring Cinderella Story movies, but it's funny and Selena did a great job on this. This movie is a must-see....

Monte Carlo

By amigo12
Good movie, better for 12 and older....

sweet little movie for girs and guys

By diet pepsi
i will admit i may be a guy but i still loved this movie when i watched it with my sister and we had a realy good time that day at the movies and we realy enjoyed it but i have a crush on selena...

loved it

By pandamandalaker
I just simply loved it! I am a fan/selenator of Selena and I am excited to see her in more movies since her show ended!...

what a cute movie

By jess crush
yes i may be a guy but that does not mean that i did not love this cute and sweet little movie about a few friends taking a fun trip around the world so good a lot of good laughs from me and my...

Diary of a Wimpy kid Rodrick Rules

By awesomealy123
It was really funny and entertaining. Especially if u read the books! So my point is that it was a REALLY good movie :)...

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Rated PG | For Brief mild language