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Really Enojyable

By Txdevil
Written January 19, 2017
I took my 13 year old to see it, as we are avid Disney/Pixar fans. This one did not let me down. I liked how they were able to incorporate a lot of the characters from the first movie which made you realize how some of them came into play with it also. I wanted to go home and rewatch Monsters Inc after seeing this one.
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monsters university

By kalamity7
Written October 23, 2016
We loved Monster Inc, its always been a favorite, so we have been looking forward to this one for a long time! Im happy to say that it didnt disappoint! My kids were preschool aged when the first one came out and now they are 8 and 10 which is great because i did feel that some of the content was better for older kids this time, and it made more sense. Sort of like Toy sStory"s progression up to part three. This one actually does have content that I feel would be scary to kids under 5. In fact, the family that sat behind us had a little girl who appeared to be around 3, and toward the end she was begging her family to take her home. So, GO SEE IT!!!! But consider it more carefully if your kids are younger or sensitive. LOVED IT!!!!!
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Super Cute for old and new!

By alicia628
Written October 26, 2016
First movie we took our baby girl to and she sat through the entire flick. We all did.. eyes glued to the big screen! Super adorable movie ! A must see!
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Way too long

By sblatt
Written January 20, 2017
It isn't that there weren't funny bits to this, but we were a mixed group (age 5, 8, 24, and 60), and all of us got bored somewhere about 2/3rds through it. The five year old had to be convinced to stick it out to the happy ending.
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I want to see it again!

Written April 27, 2017
Great movie -- good story, good lesson in the story, good for all ages! My 7 year old came home happy -- and even used a new scare tactic he learned on me! hahaha We plan on seeing it one more time before it stops playing in theaters!
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