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Monsters University Synopsis
How Mike and Sulley overcame their differences and became the best of friends.
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By Matt Zoller Seitz
True to the spirit of the original film, "Monsters Inc.", and matches its tone. But it never seems content to turn over old ground.
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The Playlist

By Drew Taylor
It’s easily the most enjoyable animated film so far this year, one that is visually stunning, wickedly subversive, incredibly funny (Day's...
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Entertainment Weekly

Speaking of second chances, Monsters University is exactly the rebound Pixar needed after 2011's "Cars 2" left some wondering if the studio...
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Time Out New York

By Joshua Rothkopf
Monsters University aces a two-part test—first, appealing to kids with gorgeous, hyperrealistic animation that teases out every pink hair...
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By Justin Chang
Even when the story mechanics feel more than a bit secondhand, the exquisite interplay of vibrant pastel hues and almost photorealist...
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By James Berardinelli
A charming, family friendly endeavor and, although it falls short of the best Pixar has brought to the screen over its long association...
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By Eric Kohn
Monsters University, the latest Pixar offering, charms in an excessively familiar way that illustrates a troublesome eventuality: Pixar has...
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
The visuals are impressive, while the goodhearted and endearing story is a little slight.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Richard Roeper
Though colorful and sweet-natured and occasionally capable of producing the mild chuckle, this is a safe, predictable, edge-free, nearly...
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Village Voice

By Alan Scherstuhl
Monsters University feels not like the work of artists eager to express something but like that of likable pros whose existence depends on...
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By panitchpanitch
I was on the edge of my seat for nearly the entire movie. I also felt that it wasn't a forced victory (which would have been too much of a cliche) and instead flowed a bit more with reality. Overall I...

I'm not sure kids will understand it.

By rraabfaber
It's not that this movie contains scenes kids shouldn't watch, it's just that it contains scenes they probably wouldn't get. It's about college life. Well, it's about knowing your true self and being...

Excellent Movie for the family

By pcapello
I loved the movie and my son did too!! Excellent characters, interesting how personalities are built during college time and how a true friendship can be after a rough start!... I just loved it!....

Lots of fun!

By margaritagalvarez
My 4 year old loves Monsters INC and I knew he will love this one. I was right!. He loves it and we, his parents, loves it too....

soo cute!

By magdale87
Went with a friend and her 3yr old daughter along with our older children. The entire audience laughed and enjoyed the movie. We went on a Thursday evening and there were only single seats open. My...

Fun stuff

By rob.edwards
Not the typical "greatest movie ever made" that we've come to expect from Pixar but this one is fun to watch with great characters and jokes. Take your family, have some laughs but don't expect to...

Monsters University

By amithist
I was excited about taking my 3 year old granddaughter to the movies for her first time ever and she picked this movie . We got to our seats and at first she couldnt sit still bout half way through...

Great Movie!!

By monicajmccall
Took my daughter and her friends for her 8th birthday - I asked what they thought and they all said, "Best Movie EVER". Good times - very entertaining for the adults in the group too - good clean...

Not as good as the first one!

By key999
Ok, but not great. This first one was way better....

Monster University

By walkfarwmn
Loved it!! Sooo many different characters. I can't wait to get all of the monster (toys) in stores so that I have the whole collection. I want to buy the DVD when it comes out....

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Rated G
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Common Sense Media says OK for kids 5+ Monsters Inc. prequel is a fun college comedy for all ages.
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