Another Pixar sequel

By vertseven
Written June 24, 2013
Normally a sequel is a bad thing, but the folks at Pixar have done it again. An old franchise, a new story, and another feat. Though the story has a strong Revenge of the Nerds feel, the back story of how Mike and Sully became best friends is both heartwarming and humorous. I don't want to give anything away, so I would just recommend that you go watch it.
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By hryan8
Written June 24, 2013
I found this movie to be more serious and slightly more intense than the original Monsters, Inc. I took my 6 year old daughter to see it and she seemed to get a little bored in parts. I also expected more 3D effects. However, older kids and adults should really get a kick out of some of the jokes and humor. All in all, it was a very heartwarming and funny movie.
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Monsters University

By jmg7175
Written June 25, 2013
Very good movie. Nice and clean with some good moral teachings here. Took my 11 and 9 year old sons to see thisi with me. I enjoyed it just as much as they diid. Excellent animatiion. Looked as though so much was so real in front of you. Very well done and highly recommended.
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A kid thriller!

By rosaquinatoa
Written June 22, 2013
My 5 year old son loved it. However, its not the movies fault, but it was tooo long. They need to scratch the previews because by the time the movie was half way thru the kiddies were becoming impatient regardless of the how good the movie was. Definitely a must see.
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Have you cheering in your seats

By nelliegarcia
Written June 21, 2013
This movie was great. I'll admit that I pretend I went for my 3 year old son, but I'm a die hard Disney fan. I absolutely loved it. I'll agree that the short before did not hold the interest of my tot, but the rest of the movie was fantastic. I'll definitely watch it again.
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