Monsters Inc. revisited in 3D

By Kimchi1
Written December 31, 2012
We went to see this yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it with our 4 year old grandson. He likes "spooky" things so the monsters yelling didn't startle him but this might not work for children who have a fear of that type of thing. The 3D added to the experience as the characters seemed to be right in front of us. This movie does not have a lot of "special effects" that you would normally see in a 3D film but it was worth seeing especially if your little one was too young for the first release. I think it's best for kids age 4 and up as long as they can handle "scary" looking characters that yell and they have an understanding that the monsters aren't real.
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monsters inc

By ryley kai killin
Written October 30, 2014
it's still a great story and still very funny It really looks great in 3-d, this movie is still a cool classic movie
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Great movie

By jis3305
Written May 25, 2015
Loved it the first time I saw and loved it again. Great movie kids and family. The animation looks great in 3D.
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monsters inc 3D

By Party Girl
Written August 21, 2014
Great movie but the 3D feature was weak. Better off renting the 2D version.
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Truly the best children movie during the Christmas season.

By legrandadolfo
Written December 22, 2012
I saw the movie originally and I loved it. Now that I have seen it on 3D, I love it even more. The effects are awesome, it really feels like its going to pop out of the screen. I specially love Sully, it looks even more realistic as I can see how his fur has change. Anyone who love the original version will love this one even more.
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