Monsters, Inc. 3D Synopsis
A blue behemoth (John Goodman) and his assistant (Billy Crystal) scare children.

Movie Reviews

Not good

By leethompson40
Don't waste your money seeing it in 3D. Good film, but not converted to 3D very well Just another opportunity for Pixar to capitalize on re-running a film they have in their vault. Same as Nemo...

Loved it

By Kilgi
I never saw this the first time it was out and I absolutely loved this movie. the #d is great as well and definitely adds to the experience....

Just another 3D Gimmick

By movieseacher35
Great movie as always but the 3D is totally unnecessary and not a good conversion. Save your money rent it for a dollar in 2D....

Monsters Inc. 3d

By wnicks2
If you saw this the first time around, you should go check it out in 3D. Mike's fur looks even furrier (and closer), and the conveyor belt scene at the end is more like a roller coaster....

Old is New Again!

By parkroyk
Having seen this movie about 10 times with my kids before, I didn't have a lot of expectations of watching the 3D version; after all, how much "better" is it going to be? I must say I was pretty...

Worth seeing again in 3D--but pricey!

By VicPicMisterP
Monsters, Inc. 3D is worth seeing again in 3D--but pricey! After gas, tickets for 4, popcorn, sodas, and fruit snack candies, the total was $80. It will be Cable TV for me from now on......

The story was good, the 3D, almost not noticeable.

By a44lee
This has always been a great story and my two 7 years olds, their grandparents and I loved it. Clearly Disney/Pixar remade it in 3D to release it again and make a pile of cash. The 3D was almost non...

Still a great movie for all ages, but 3D was non-existent...

By ajlaffey
If you love the movie, save you're self the extra cost of the 3D tickets and buy the BlueRay DVD for the family. We were not impressed by the 3D at all. It's still a great movie, just not worth the...

Good Movie, check it out

By bhazlak
Took my wife and son to see this one for a family night out. Was leery of the 3D, but it turns out they did a nice job. If you are a fan of this movie, the 3D version will impress. It looks so crisp...

Lots of Fun

By kimberlydyke
This is one of my son's favorite animated movies. It is also one of my favorites with lots to laugh about. Seeing it on the big screen in 3D was fun! Great way to spend some time with family enjoying...

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Rated G
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Cute, kid-friendly monster movie; may scare sensitive kids.
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