Five Word Review

By beckandcallboy
Written October 28, 2010
This movie is a stinker!
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By kbwarner
Written October 29, 2010
The alien creatures serve up a terrific dose of uneasiness to a subtle allegorical plot that illustrates the duality of life -- judgment of good vs bad and right vs wrong depends on which side of a division each individual stands on. Separation by a fence, wealth, power, morals, control, or species all lead the viewer to stretch their perspective when confronted with this duality.
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By AdvTactics01
Written October 01, 2010
was that a giant octopus ? not so excited now..
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Great Movie - Where's The Monster's?

By moviefanatic798
Written November 04, 2010
I am going to tell you straightforward: The title and tagline are somewhat misleading. If you're expecting a movie about monsters coming to extinct the human population, you thought wrong. Instead, it follows two people who are forced to travel through "the infected zone" that is filled with terrorizing gigantic monsters. The couple quickly falls in love, and the movie brings them close with a couple "gotcha" moments. The film sci-fi aspect hits a new low halfway in, because it starts to feel like more of a romance than an actual sci-fi thriller (which is the trailer's implication). By the end, I expect most people to hate it. But for film enthusiuasts open to new ideas, the film leaves you with a major rethorical question: Who knew monsters could bring two people closer together?
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The First in the Onslaught of Alien-themed Films Disappoints

By hpfan007tdk
Written October 30, 2010
When a film chooses to place its focus solely on its main characters, it has to make the audience feel their emotions and care about them as if they knew them personally. This is where Monsters misses its mark. The characters are completely unrelatable, as one is a photo-journalist whose most prominent personality trait is selfishness and whose only redeeming trait is his deeply rooted love of his distant son, and the other is a rich daddy's-little-girl who is frustratingly helpless. To add to it these actors had absolutely no on-screen chemistry, which after an hour will have you rooting for the Monsters. The Monsters themselves were a bit of a disappointment as well. I realize that this film had a very low budget and was made using mostly Adobe software, but they could have been a little more imaginitive. Instead we are given giant flying octopi. Overall the film was a huge let down. A low budget is an excuse for shoddy special effects, not bad writing.
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