Monsters,Inc 3D

By jean_enright
Written August 26, 2016
We simply LOVED the movie enough to see it in 3D. (We have the movie at home.) The only thing that I could complain about was the fact that it didn't appear to be true 3D. But it wasn't made in 3D! Nothing popped out, it was just Monsters with sunglasses to me. But the kids didn't notice..that's all that mattered.
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My 7 Year Old Made Me

Written April 30, 2016
It was an ok 3D Movie thought it could have been better with the 3D graphics then again it is a kids movie. For the kids my son loved it.
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Not good

By leethompson40
Written August 29, 2016
Don't waste your money seeing it in 3D. Good film, but not converted to 3D very well Just another opportunity for Pixar to capitalize on re-running a film they have in their vault. Same as Nemo
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Always a Good Disney Movie

By walaau383
Written July 06, 2015
I took my 3 1/2 yr to see this because she watches the dvd of it all the time.l Although wearing the 3D glasses hurt her a little bit, she still made it through the entire movie & was not scared. I thought the amount of detail that you could see in 3D was awesome. If you like the movie, great to see in 3D.
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Still just as funny despite repeated viewings!

By cctexasgirl
Written August 04, 2015
Took the kids this weekend (there are NO new kids movies out- what the heck??). They complained before we got there because they had seen this movie so many times before, but as soon as the previews started, they were hooked. My 9yo, who had complained the loudest, just howled with laughter. Although the 3-D was fine, I'm not sure it added that much aside from the big chase scene on the doors. This is one of my favorite Pixar movies- funny for both kids and adults, but without the annoying and quickly outdated cultural reference humor so many lesser films seem to rely on. Definitely a classic. "Twins! In a bunk bed!!" Ha!! NEVER not funny. Enjoy! (And be sure to stay for the credits or you'll miss the HYSTERICAL fake outtakes!)
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