Mongol (aka Braveheart 2008) - best picture of the year!!!!!

By ginal69
Written July 18, 2008
Secretly this maybe the best movie of the year so far in my humble opinion... It's a Mongolian Braveheart. EVERYTHING that made Braveheart one of the greatest films (for its genre) of all time - is here, in spades. In fact, Mongol does a couple of things maybe even better than BH... Incredible acting - Temudgin (Genghis Khan) was simply unbelievable. Yes the movie is subtitled - but half way thru the film u almost don't need them anymore with his character. His emotions, state of mind, intent, et literaly ooze off the skin. Glorious battle scenes. The big battle between Temudgin and Jamukha is not to missed. (Temudgin's heavy calvary illustrates why heavy cav WERE the tanks of the day!) Intellegence. SO much isn't said - because it doesn't need to be. We are left to come to our own conclusions (so we believe as they're really supplied invisibly and intelectually by the director). Really, I could gush all day. Mongol is SUPREME movie magic at its best!!!!!
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By ericweider
Written June 10, 2008
No movie is perfect and even if you love this one - like I did - you'll find a couple of things about it to pick at. But overall this film is a masterpeice. It is powerful, gorgeous, and emotional. And there are plenty of good life lessons in it too. Run, don't walk, too see Mongol.
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By NickIGS
Written April 29, 2008
I really hope this is going to be like Apocalypto which was spectacular looks to be amazing See you at the movies =D
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Written June 21, 2008
Russian director - Sergei Bodrov - successfully translated the dramatic early life of Temudjin aka Genghis Khan onto the screen - giving us a well-crafted historical tale of epic proportions worthy of its Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nomination. MONGOL(first film of a trilogy) has beautifully filmed landscapes from locations in China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. The scope of this movie is encompassing and touched on the culture, ritual/customs, lifestyles, costumes, languages, religions/spirituality, and societies of 12th century Mongolia. Director Sergei Bodrov and the international cast of MONGOL captured, conveyed, and added depth to the multi-dimensional facets of the characters in the movie with believable portrayals against such gorgeously composed exotic backdrops. It is so refreshing to see real-life action once again - instead of the now-standard Hollywood computer-image generated faux scenes. Recommendation: GO SEE IT and BE INSPIRED! GRADE: A
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By riskdoc
Written July 18, 2008
This is a great movie about a person, culture, period, and part of the world most Americans know little about. In spite of subtitles, it is easy to follow and very well acted and directed. Ghengis Khan is facinating!
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