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Genghis Khan (Tadanobu Asano) returns to his homeland to unite the Mongols under one ruler.
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Mongol (aka Braveheart 2008) - best picture of the year!!!!!

By ginal69
Secretly this maybe the best movie of the year so far in my humble opinion... It's a Mongolian Braveheart. EVERYTHING that made Braveheart one of the greatest films (for its genre) of all time -...


By ericweider
No movie is perfect and even if you love this one - like I did - you'll find a couple of things about it to pick at. But overall this film is a masterpeice. It is powerful, gorgeous, and...


By NickIGS
I really hope this is going to be like Apocalypto which was spectacular looks to be amazing See you at the movies =D...


Russian director - Sergei Bodrov - successfully translated the dramatic early life of Temudjin aka Genghis Khan onto the screen - giving us a well-crafted historical tale of epic proportions worthy of...


By riskdoc
This is a great movie about a person, culture, period, and part of the world most Americans know little about. In spite of subtitles, it is easy to follow and very well acted and directed. Ghengis...


By MBD46
My husband and I went to see Mongol because of the trailers (which were few and far between) we saw on TV. As history buffs, we were interested in the life of Ghengis Khan. This movie surprised though...


By pacific_view
I thought it was time well spent and quite realistic. All of the actors were great and from what the director said they worked under so very difficult conditions. Like most docu-dramas most folks...


By Joseph_Horn
This international film about the early life of Temudgin, known to history as Genghis Khan, is one of the best films I have seen in some time. The cinematography is superb, the acting conveys just...


By -wfg
The reason that we've never been told the real story of Ghengis Khan and his influence in building the modern world is that Mongolia has always been off limits to the outside world. Plus, Khan...


By drphysh
uexepectedly spectacular. subtitles, photography, cast/performances, geographic experiences, all contribute to the satisfaction one feels upon seeing this film....

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Rated R | For sequences of bloody warfare