Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve

By bonitaub
Written September 14, 2013
Very informative concerning the origination of the federal reserve from a historical perspective. Not boring, however, felt it was a tad long and welfare issue not touched on. I felt this was an oversight. Target audience would probably include older teens up to senior citizens.
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Very important work and movie

By Reids40th
Written September 10, 2013
THis is an excellent documentary, while i expected it to be dry yet informative, i was amazed at how well the director intertwined so many thought leaders and former and current Fed officials to tell the narrative of how our gvnt and Fed got us here. It also was amazingly entertaining while be educational. Sadly, our coutnry needs to watch this movie to learn more about how our economy is being driven and controlled some might say manupliated.
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The Fed is the solution?

By alan_static
Written September 20, 2013
This well timed and well needed movie offers a history of finance and banking over the past 100 years focusing on the Federal Reserve's actions. It correctly points out the Federal Reserve sponsored debt cycles. The Fed is interested keeping the banks solvent, and to keep the debt expansion unimpeded. The profits from this debt expansion and failures go onto the bankers, with the bill being passed onto everyone else. The 2008 banking meltdown was the perfect and best example of the mafia styled Federal Reserve sponsored banking system. Despite all this the movie seems to pander to the Federal Reserve. The only solution they can give is that we should just give them another chance. Let's give the Fed just the right tools and the right chairman, and things should work out better. Really, that' all the movie can come up with? What about suing the Fed? It is after all a private bank. Why didn't the movie ask why have even have the Federal Reserve at all?
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Every American Should see this movie

By dooleypa
Written September 12, 2013
You won't feel warm and mushy when you leave, but you will understand politics better and get angry at who we trust.
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