"Monday Morning" - movie review

By Los Angeles Movie Review
Written April 25, 2012
I heard that certain shots and/or political chatter in "Monday Morning" may adversely affect critics and audiences. So be it. "Monday Morning" needs to be seen. Victor Browne is marvelous as "Thomas Bach". He is supported by lovely and talented, Molly Kidder. Jessica Spotts turns in a powerful characterization of a crack addict named "Beth". Ken Melchior plays someone you love to despise and he does an excellent job. Robert Axelrod and Robert Pike Daniel turn in real and wonderful performances as well. "Monday Morning" was written and directed with great passion, understanding, vison, imagination and audaciousness by Nat Christian, who sees beneath the surface of the homeless situation and allows us to see these people as... people. Nat Christian also gives an explosive performance as homeless "Damn".
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"Monday Morning" is Poignant, Powerful and Passionate!

By ArthurHenman
Written March 14, 2012
"Monday Morning" struck me with a right uppercut and a left hook, healed my wounds then came the knockout punch. I can only think of a few films that take the kinds of risks that this movie does. The story is based on an interesting premise - Ultra conservative guy, who has a good nature, but is caught up in an aberration of the American Dream, goes to L.A. and becomes homeless for a period of time. There he is exposed to the lives of the kind of people that he used to rail against. Writer and director, Nat Christian, does not shy away at all from showing what life on the streets is really like. What actually goes on, but most of us, don't really think about. A homeless woman during her menstrual cycle giving oral sex in a dirty alleyway. A woman defecating on the street. These are the kinds of images that can go either way - repulsive or fascinating. For me, it was the latter, because they are positioned within a very t
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"Monday Morning Review"

By QuickToWalk
Written April 19, 2012
Whether scenes and thoughts offend some people (and it will) and they take it out on the film, or it hits home so hard that some will want to see it again, "Monday Morning" certainly makes an impression. Every once in awhile a film makes people retain what they've seen long after the movie is over. This is how I felt with "Monday Morning". The lead character, Thomas is played with subtle finesse by Victor Browne. He knows his character and doesn't ever feel the need to push. He is supported by a lovely actress, Molly Kidder and vulnerable Jessica Spotts, who is also very pretty, but her attractiveness oozes through her hard core homelessness. Nat Christian is powerful and loads of fun in the role of Damn. Christian also wrote and directed with a passion and a concise imaginative vision. Haunting and important.
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