Monday Morning Synopsis
A French factory worker (Jacques Bidou) finds an old friend in Italy (Arrigo Mozzo).
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"Monday Morning" - movie review

By Los Angeles Movie Review
I heard that certain shots and/or political chatter in "Monday Morning" may adversely affect critics and audiences. So be it. "Monday Morning" needs to be seen. Victor Browne is marvelous as...

"Monday Morning" is Poignant, Powerful and Passionate!

By ArthurHenman
"Monday Morning" struck me with a right uppercut and a left hook, healed my wounds then came the knockout punch. I can only think of a few films that take the kinds of risks that this movie does....

"Monday Morning Review"

By QuickToWalk
Whether scenes and thoughts offend some people (and it will) and they take it out on the film, or it hits home so hard that some will want to see it again, "Monday Morning" certainly makes an...