Molière and Shakespeare

By Ulysse
Written August 12, 2007
Molière was and is France's Shakespeare. For those who know something about his plays the film is excellent, using well-known snippets and situations to advantage. For an English speaking audience much of the humor is lost in the subtitles. This is not the film's fault but it helps to understand and listen to the music of the wildy comic French verse.
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France's Answer to Shakespeare in Love

By PaulLeddy
Written August 27, 2007
Delicacy: France knows how to serve it up. Beautiful movie, beautiful actors, beautiful sets. One would expect nothing less from the French when the subject is her contribution to culture and the arts. Isn't everything else a footnote to it? Shakespeare in Love: a great movie. Moliere: copies the formula of this great movie. Where Shakespeare in Love is a feast, Moliere is delectable. Enjoy
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A Wonderful Surprise

By driver49
Written September 24, 2007
An outstanding romantic comedy in the manor of "Shakespeare in Love." Surpised it's not getting more attention. it was a fun two hours at the Bijou.
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God Bless The French

By stormandkiki
Written September 24, 2007
Excellent from start to finish.
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By Y2Kspecial
Written August 10, 2007
Made me bored.
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