Mojin: The Lost Legend Synopsis
MOJIN - THE LOST LEGEND brings to the screen an epic fantasy adventure about a trio of legendary grave robbers, the Mojin, who are enjoying the retired civilian life hawking goods on the mean streets of New York City.
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Mojin: the lost legend found its place in Chinese movies

By 1476485625
This is one of its kind in Chinese movies. I saw it the day before I saw the new Star War. After the Star War, it occurs to me that I have an urge wanting to go back to see Mojin the second time,...

about the actor

By veva1215
The actor named Bo huang is a very great actor! Please change the photo ! Because the photo is not Bo Huang!...

Good movie

By yangjianhunt
Good movie Thumbs up....


By cindy97327
High above expectation...


By zhangkangyi1990


By BlessRick
?????? ????????? ???????? ?????...

Great movie

By jasonli199338
This Chinese movie is great! You should watch it!...

Best Chinese movie in this year!

By HUGO10231
Great actors with the characteristic make me feel that, these characters were came out from the novel that I read. No doubt I will rate 5 star on it....

Too much

By SBTStudios
Saw this recently with my wife~~~as of now it is forgettable. From what I remember it seems like they tried to fit TOO MUCH into the story. A love triangle which didn't make any sense and a very...

Great movie.

By hilbinzhang418
No time to use the bathroom....