A calmer pace

By beccanoodle
Written June 03, 2008
If you've ever seen any films by Korine you will know that this one was much more put together than the others. I think Mister Lonely shows how Korine as a film maker has grown over the years. The plot was very original (like most of his films) and very well scripted. I enjoyed every minute of this film and can not wait to buy it. I highly recomend you see this film if it is playing near you.
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Can't beat it.

By r.m.parker
Written June 28, 2008
From the opening sequence, Mister Lonely is beautiful and tragic, a film about isolation, even in groups, and people looking for meaning in the wrong places. There are two storylines going on here - the main one about an American Michael Jackson impersonator living in Paris who befriends a Marilyn Monroe and follows her to a commune of impersonators to help put on what they hope will be the greatest show on Earth; the other about a group of nuns in South America who have stumbled upon what they believe to be a miracle - and though very seperate, there are a few similar themes, and the overall message is clear. This is Harmony Korine's most ambitious film to date, and the most rewarding - where his previous efforts were out to shock, this film sets out to reveal to us things we were not aware that we already knew.
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By TraverseTown
Written April 30, 2013
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weird pathetic people...

By modernjedi
Written September 06, 2008
this was the weirdest most pathetic attempt at art cinema I have ever experienced. Several times my date and I were ready to go and ask for our money back. we kept hoping somehow the plot would resolve in some way that wasn't sad and pathetic...but it just continued to disappoint right to the end. I hated this movie so much that I went through all the hassle to sign up so I could write this review. I feel so much better now. If you haven't seen it. just do not bother. Save your money.
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