Miss Potter

By prfctnINfilms
Written April 08, 2007
Charming, delightful, beautiful film. Almost every player cast was just right with the possible exception of Ms Z, though she did the best she could with the impish role. A very difficult role to pull off for anyone, indeed. Ewan McGregor was perfect with eyes twinkling, heart wide open, love deep and kind. Emily Watson ebodies true friendship and sets the stage for sisterhood exactly as we seek in a meaningful friendship. The editor is to be commended. Excellent work! Director should be rewarded for the true magic created from the very start. The eyes are held spellbound by the beauty of the film. If your heart is not open, see this film. Maybe you'll find some childhood sweetness you'd lost. If your heart is open, you'll leave the film bubbling with delight and wishing it would not end. One could focus too much on the makeup artists lack of art and the hairdressers lack of style, but all the rest is shear beauty.
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wonderful movie

By llachar
Written April 09, 2007
this is a wonderful movie. About the life of author Beatrix Potter. Zellweger is terrific as always. The cast is very good too. Nice animation of the little characters from Potters books - looks natural. A nice touch.
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Diamond of a Movie!

By Lefty93612
Written May 19, 2007
What a wonderful period piece! Grew up reading the stories of her friends! And now to share those stories and a little of her life is such a treat!. I will go out today buy the set of her wonderful stories to share with the children in my life! A gift for them and ME!
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a beautiful, charming movie about a beloved author

By greenleafhill
Written April 02, 2007
This has to be the sleeper hit of 2006....too bad not many people have seen it. Renee Zellwegger , Ewan McGregor and Emily Watson are perfectly cast as Beatrix Potter, her publisher Mr. Warne and his spinster sister. Luminous views of the Lake District, whimsical snippets of animation (Peter Rabbit & friends come to life), witty dialogue all combine for a delightful film for all ages.
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Loved this film!

By GearMaven
Written December 21, 2006
Very much enjoyed this lovely film at the San Francisco screening and so seemed the audience who clapped enthusiastically at the end, delayed to read credits & listen to closing music. How nice to be in a theater when your fellow attendees give heartfelt sighs of delight at seeing the desired outcome of a chaste romantic scene play out...or who wholeheartedly laugh at the witty script. Throw in stunning Lake Country, Cumbria, and Isle of Man scenery w/surprises from artist's sketch pad & you have a wonderful film. At last, a film for adults and young people leaving out unnecessary foul language and gratuitous sex scenes. A wholesome romance with beautiful stories of friendship and challenging family relationships in late 19th/early 20th Century England. Funny...I wish Hollywood and its screenwriters with high-school-peeping-Tom mentalities would understand that these are the kinds of movies we're craving! Very high recommendations for this movie and its talented actors.
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