Guinevere Pettigrew

By Daydream
Written April 08, 2008
Frances McDormand performs brilliantly from beginning to end as Delysia Lafosse’s (Amy Adams) new social secretary. Miss Pettigrew is thrown head first into the extravagant and promiscuous life of Lafosse and is the perfect woman for her new profession. She has a way with people and words and aids Adams with her career and moral issues. We are informed that Adams and McDormand are essentially the same woman. They are both playing roles to get by and make a life for themselves and they find out what true happiness is as the movie concludes. Miss Pettigrew is a love story with an ending the audience hopes for and has fantastic costume designs. “The heart never lies”.
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Charming and Completely Entertaining!

By ktnarnia
Written March 20, 2008
Please, if you have any sense, go see this movie and ignore any negative comments made on these reviews! This movie is very fast-pased and funny! It's full of good jokes and good morals... and it has some amazing insights as far as our own selfish indulgences. You can chase your dreams your entire life, but the moment something threatens to make those dreams void (say for example, your country going to war and everyone losing power or worse) you realize what is truly important in life... Frances McDormand (you may remember her as the mom on Almost Famous) plays her best role yet, and impressive use of body language and facial expressions to portray rich emotion and messages without words. She made me empathize with her in such a real way. I love David Magee and Simon Beaufoy's adaptation of Winifred Watson's 1938 novel. Please go see this movie, you will leave the theater feeling light-hearted and ready to make any hard decision you've been worried about lately... :)
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Pettigrew Will Grow On You

By jimchudnow
Written March 07, 2008
From an advance screening: Despite a weak title, MISS PETTIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY was a surprisingly GOOD little comedy set in England just before the start of World War II. A lady who’s lost her job (Frances McDormand playing Miss Pettigrew) tries to get a position with an American singer Delysia Lafosse (played by bubbly and perky Amy Adams) in the home of a club owner whom she’s “triple-timing” in trying to get ahead as an entertainer. The tag-line for the film is, “Every woman will have her day”. That’s just somewhat accurate, in that -- almost by accident --, Miss Pettigrew helps out numerous people she meets along the way as she pretends to be a “social secretary” for Delysia. There’s a bunch of interesting juxta-positioning of the dowdy & the super-rich, the deceitful and the sincere, in the midst of the machinations and music. It’s a low-key (rather than slapstick) type of comedy, with most of the humor flowing out of the cir***stances rather than clever banter. 3* out of 4.
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So surprised!!!

By jammindude
Written March 08, 2008
I took my wife because I thought she would like it, and its one of the best movies I've seen in years!! If you have any appreciation at all for decent movies (and not the "to call it crap would be an insult to crap" movies that Hollywood is so fond of putting out)....PLEASE GO SEE THIS MOVIE RIGHT AWAY!
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Wonderfully fun movie!

By lupton
Written February 28, 2008
I saw Miss Pettigrew last night at a screening preview, and I was so delighted! The actors and actresses are all excellent, and it's a funny, witty & intelligent film. Francis McDormand and Amy Adams play off of each other so well. I was reluctant to see it when I got the free passes in the mail, but I'm so glad that I did see it. If you are in the mood for a well constructed fun story, with beautiful locales & clothes and superb acting...see will enjoy it and leave the theatre better than when you entered. A must see! Thanks Hollywood- please make more like this one!
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