Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Synopsis
A British governess (Frances McDormand) gets a taste of the glamorous life with an American actress.
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Guinevere Pettigrew

By Daydream
Frances McDormand performs brilliantly from beginning to end as Delysia Lafosse’s (Amy Adams) new social secretary. Miss Pettigrew is thrown head first into the extravagant and promiscuous life of...

Charming and Completely Entertaining!

By ktnarnia
Please, if you have any sense, go see this movie and ignore any negative comments made on these reviews! This movie is very fast-pased and funny! It's full of good jokes and good morals... and it...

Pettigrew Will Grow On You

By jimchudnow
From an advance screening: Despite a weak title, MISS PETTIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY was a surprisingly GOOD little comedy set in England just before the start of World War II. A lady who’s lost her job...

So surprised!!!

By jammindude
I took my wife because I thought she would like it, and its one of the best movies I've seen in years!! If you have any appreciation at all for decent movies (and not the "to call it crap would be...

Wonderfully fun movie!

By lupton
I saw Miss Pettigrew last night at a screening preview, and I was so delighted! The actors and actresses are all excellent, and it's a funny, witty & intelligent film. Francis McDormand and Amy...

Like a good 'ol 1930's movie

By Igotothemoviesalot
Miss Pettigrew goes to work as a social secretary for a ditzy American singer/actress in 1939 London. We haven't seen a screwball comedy like this in a while and all the action takes place in one...

miss pettigrew lives for a day

By dc8857
Good little film....

A light and Refreshing romantic comedy

By oddemu57
This film was funny and well written, I recomend it for teens and there mothers/grandmothers. It was very fun and by the time it was finished you would have smile on your face. Frances McDormet...

Loved it!

By Morgan59
Excellent! Great performances. A great time....

It's OK

By auntie60
The movie was not what I expected from the previews. All the good parts were in the preview. It was rather slow at times. It was hard to hear what they were saying at times. I wish I would...

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Rated PG-13 | For some partial nudity and innuendo
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Common Sense Media says Charming period comedy is a frothy fairy tale.
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