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By Ebozzuto
Written August 02, 2014
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"Mississippi Burning" is one of the best films of all time!

By Dominic LeRose
Written August 02, 2014
Racism in the 1960's was an absolute abundant and devastating part of american history that caused some of the worst tragedies known to mankind. Luckily, there were brave FBI agents who tried to take down the villains responsible for the heinous acts done by a popular group known as the KKK. Willem Dafoe and Gene Hackman star as FBI agents who investigate a murder on a civil rights activist in a racist southern town and find out that there different styles of work can lead to justice if they persevere. The two men meet with different people in order to help there case, one of the agents even falls in love with a KKK member's wife and danger erupts due to the popularity of racism acting on the agents to prevent prison. The dramatic scenes involving racist acts towards African-Americans are so powerful and well-handled that you'll feel saddened for weeks. Some of the most graphic racial dialogue and slurs are stated with realistic KKK members and a 1960's looking town give "Mississippi Burning" a perfect portrayal of prejudice america. Director Alan Parker shoots this film in a beautiful yet tragic way in which ever film artist working on the project seems so caught up in there work that you'll be nuts not to appreciate. Writer Chris Gerolmo does a great job at keeping a multilateral plot with compelling crime scenes and a deep investigation, to honoring victims of racism by showing dramatic scenes and getting a great supporting cast. Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe play their different characters beautifully, where Gene Hackman is more of an old school down to business detective, and Willem Dafoe plays a more clean and honest agent committed to helping others. "Mississippi Burning" is one of those films that reflect a sad time in America, but can still touch upon great drama and hope to bring one of the best films ever made.
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