• Released
  • December 21, 2011
  • (Opens 12/16 in select theaters)
  • PG-13 , 2 hr 13 min
  • Action/Adventure

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A great thrill ride!

By Tero44
Written December 22, 2011
Visually stunning and packed with action. The characters were strong and well defined. With a compelling story. Paula Patton's character Jane Carter was a delight to watch. Whether she a team member struggling to contain her rage. Conducting multi-million dollar transactions. Ensnaring a billionaire playboy. Or holding her own in a fight.
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By romankoke32
Written December 24, 2011
I solemly swear....this is one of the BEST ACTION MOVIES EVER MADE!!!!! And believe me...I'm not one who usually even writes reviews about movies, but this is a movie of a different caliber all together... First of all, I think Tom Cruise is somewhat of a weird guy in real life, but the man knows how to make some good movies. He does his own stunts.This movie has it all...action, humor, suspense, and a few you-were-almost-ready-to-cry moments. I was thoroughly impressed....it was a hell of a movie. Tickets cost $13 in NYC, but I think I might just see it again before it leaves the theater! YOU MUST GO!!!!!!!
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awesome action flick

By Davinciluv
Written December 23, 2011
I have seen each ot the MI flicks. 3 was my fave. This one takes a different approach but is easily the best action flick of the 4 films. Nowhere near the love story for the ladies. But tons of stuff for the fellas. N the female lead is def easy to watch. I dont wanna give away the plot but I will def be adding this my movie collection. Even though i dont currently own any of the series. This one is must have.
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it's a GO

By rashadxll
Written December 22, 2011
Personally I'm a fan of all the Mission Impossible movies. In views of the directing a producing it was caught just like the last ones. An I like that fact that the people making keep it close to the original and don't deviate so much. Sometimes the tech guy who helps them with all the computer stuff, tries to be funny but isn't. With him it's a hit or miss I imagine for most viewers. I would say the movies is for 13 years an above. Don't have to worry about those awkward sex scenes coming out of no where. But the movie is a good watch. The stunts are original and I haven't seen them in any other movie or MI movies from the passed. So I think its a "go," for all those old and new MI fans. Rashadxll
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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol review

By ryansebrasky
Written December 21, 2011
Worth whatever you decide to pay for it!...Cruise hanging off the Burj Khaliffa by one hand made my nerves shoot like fireworks, that scene alone was worth the wait.. I went into the theater expecting a good time since in the past the mission impossible movies have delivered that good time feeling we all look for when headed to the movie theater. This time was no exception, from the beginning to the end the movie actually makes you feel good. The addition of Jeremy Renner is a great choice and the comedic timing from Simon Pegg gives a much needed boost of levity to the series considering how dark the last film was. The set pieces where great and for once the locations were awesome especially Dubai. The movie may be to long. At times it felt like it was slowing down too much but I'll let you decide that for yourself.
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