Best M:I Movie

By powersofi
Written December 16, 2011
I am not a huge fan of the Mission:Impossible movies but I was intrigued by Brad Bird directing, great actor Jeremy Renner and the hilarious Simon Pegg in supporting roles. Also the IMAX scenes and, of course, the Dark Knight IMAX prologue. The prologue is an awesome teaser and I can't wait for The Dark Knight, but the real surprise is Mission:Impossible. This might be the most fun movie of the year. It's self-aware, extremely inventive, and they keep the plot coherent. Brad Bird's visual sensibility from his Pixar movies translates perfectly and the IMAX sequences - and there are a lot of them - are spectacular. The Dubai scene feel like an instantly classic sequence. The audience I saw it with was hooting and hollering and exploded into applause at the end. This is big budget funhouse popcorn movie making at the highest level. Don't think about it too hard, just go for the ride.
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Worth the Wait!

By PaulgUSA
Written December 16, 2011
This was the first midnight movie that I just had to go see on opening day, after seeing the stunts in the trailers, I just had to see them up close and personal via The IMAX Experience. And I was not disappointed, the stunts were truly amazing and the photography was excellent as well; good use of helicopters for the aerial shots, got me hanging onto the edge of my seat when Mr Cruise was scaling the tallest building in the world (I know he had safety lines etc), but the effect was great. Go see it, the best of the Mission Impossible set so far.
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You are a FOOL is you miss this....!!!

By DCSoul
Written December 16, 2011
From beginning to end... M.I. 4 is a HIT!!! I was on the edge of my seat the entire night. I saw this movie in IMAX and the digitial presentation with the sound effects made it impossible for there to be a dull moment. Tom Cruise did his own stunts and clearly he did an incredible job. I soooo recommend this movie to everone!!
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BEST ONE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

By kjs79
Written December 16, 2011
I'll admit the last MI left straching my head but this one WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY BETTER!!! ETHAN HUNT IS DA MAN!!! BETTER STORY ACTION PACKED!!! NEVER A DULL MOMENT!!! I was it in IMAX last night. AMAZIN!!!!!!!!! MUST SEE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!
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If you're in the mood for 2 hours of pure enjoyable excitement, this is for you.

By Xarpolis
Written December 16, 2011
MI4 is a non-stop adventure from the opening credits. I just re-watched trailer's 1 & 2, and it didn't really show any plot related spoilers, with one small exception. I'm not going to tell you outright what that spoiler is, but it loomed in the back of my mind until it was explained about 1/2 way into the film. Then it turned out to not really be a spoiler at all. Just a "this happened" type of situation. You do see the really awesome electric BMW prototype in the trailer though. It looks cool. It doesn't really serve a purpose outside of selling some BMW's (you'll notice that almost every car is BMW) Ok, movie was pure action. Lots of it with lots of gun fire and explosions. I wasn't bored at any point at all during this film. It didn't have any cheesy effects (Crank) that I noticed. It was hardheartedly bad*** the whole way through. Just go see it. You won't be sorry, as this movie was awesome. If you're after an entertaining picture, this is it.
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