MISS MARCH - campy irreverent romp. GRADE: C-plus

Written March 13, 2009
Earlier this week I attended the advance press preview of this 1.5hr 'college' comedy written/directed by Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore - both appeared in person for a brief Q & A session before the start of the movie - both affable humorous guys. The entertaining movie moved along briskly - with multiple sketches throughout that strings the entire plot. Laughs were aplenty - but be prepared for some really gross humor as well as pervasive profanity. I did laugh till my sides ache at one particular scene - with the open window... bounce bounce... (no spoilers) Will this movie win an Oscar AND be a life-altering experience? Heck, no! Will it be a memorable silly farce that it was meant to be? On that - my expectations were met. I wonder if Hugh Hefner(PLAYBOY founder) was paid or if he paid to appear in the movie? VERDICT: A So-So movie targeted specifically at college-going audience. R-rated. Not family/kids friendly. End of credits has a BONUS SCENE.
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Miss March?

By Daydream
Written March 15, 2009
There were only four people in the theatre, including me. I was looking for a good laugh and didnt expect much of story and got exactly just that. The majority of the movie consisted of poop and sex jokes that were somewhat funny the first time and less than funny the second and third time. Miss March is a juvenile and overacted movie that i should have thought twice about seeing. It was hard to believe that Hugh Hefner agreed to appear in this movie. Save the ten dollars for another week at the movies. (D+)
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By Dark_Chameleon
Written March 08, 2009
This is ridiculous..If we're going to a restaurant and want a review we dont listen to someone whos never eaten there or even looked at the menu, this is supposed to be a place that we gain knowledge rather then read what someone writes without any information other then a trailer and their own deep rooted political/sexual/entertainment views. Listen to someone who has been to the movie...and if theyre giving a review a while before the movie comes out treat their review with Skepticism as there are only a few out there who have been to a preview and others are actual employees from the studio that have seen it and have a reason for it to do well. PEOPLE...if your unsure about going to see this or any other movie wait till after the first day and then come to Fandango, read the reviews and make an informed judgement, after all if we want to be the first to see a movie we're not going to read any reviews before going and if we need a review then we need info not bias, Thankyou
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trevor/zach = WKUK

By zombie_raey
Written March 14, 2009
i'm like the biggest fan of WKUK [whitest kids you know] and if you like that show. its guaranteed by me hahaha. my opinion that you will like this movie. ;D it reminds me so much of most of their sketches. but i still think sam, darren, and timmy should of been it. but i really enjoyed this movie. the person i was with had NO idea what this movie was about and i was explaining about wkuk and then he caught on by the first scene. ;D this movie was good. not amazing like i thought it would be but it was good. it lead up to my expectations. ;D i don't agree with people bashing on this film if they have NEVER seen trevor and zach's other work with WKUK. so i highly recommend that you watch or youtube WKUK skits before you pay money to see this film or you may be greatly disappointed haha. ;D this was my 1st review. so please please give me feedback. its greatly appreciated. ;D thankyou. (:
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Just say no to kids

By robsmack
Written March 16, 2009
This movie was ok. I had some funny monents and some very stupid moments. I cant believe I see reviews for R rated movies that say "not for kids, bad language etc.". This movie has a picture of a Playboy mag on the MOVIE POSTER! Why would anyone take their kids? Maybe instead of giving your kids everything they want, you should tell them no! Instead of dissing a R rated movie cause its not good for kids, you should diss yourself for taking them. There is an audience for this movie, Watchmen, Last house on the left and its not children.
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