Great movie

By xxkarmaxx
Written March 30, 2008
My frend and I watched this movie on youtube all the parts. It was great we liked it a lot. The sledge hammer scene is very creepy. The movie was funny. When the guy killed the woman at the end lol he put the pages in her mouth and said eat it i sick twisted f**k lol. U dont have 2 rent it just go 2 youtube and watch all the parts. Its a great movie.
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By lugubriousthespian
Written March 31, 2009
Not only does this supreme psychological nail-biter hold up as one of Rob Reiner's best efforts of his very eclectic career, but it also at the top of the heap of Stephen King novels turned Hollywood product as well as one of best homages to Alfred Hitchcock - EVER! Kathy Bates is utterly brilliant in her Oscar-winning role as Annie Wilkes; a character to go down in screen history as one of the most demented ever shown. James Caan matches her every step of the way as he becomes her captive prey in her remote Denver farmhouse after she saves him from a near fatal car accident. Stunningly effective suspense is well orchestrated by Reiner from the taut Goldman script and the supporting cast is first rate including Richard Farnsworth as the local. small town sheriff who may be too wise for his own good! Classic climax and wonderfully creepy denouement . Simple superb all around - when they say they don't make 'em like that anymore, this is proof that they still can!
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Great Movie

By funnystuff202
Written June 16, 2013
Saw this on a movie channel, great movie!
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