By Disturbed1666
Written July 31, 2008
Wow i'm lookin forward to see this film, it looks very cool and very scary. I am a horror movie fan so i can't wait for this movie!
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By Squirrel Sniper
Written August 10, 2008
Looks GREAT. I love horror movies and this one seems like a good one. Can't wait!
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By cda123
Written August 18, 2008
I am going to see it on the first day!I saw the trailer and I said"I am totally going to watch that movie!"
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good movie !!!

By Jimmy2007
Written August 26, 2008
I think that the movie was a pretty good one. It actually is the best scary film that I have seen in a while. My girlfriend was on the edge of her sit he whole time......the movie is a must see film and if you don't go see it then it would be your mistake. Have a wonderful time at the movies.
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no way

By Caveboy0
Written August 12, 2008
first off i don't like horror movies. now i just admitted that i am biased towards this movie but still this looks worse compared to other horror movies. and it is all nothing different than other resent horror films. for example there seems to be always this supernatural thing with something like in the eye well it was her eyes and in the ring the video tape and the grudge that house and with this movie its mirrors what's next a toilet.
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