Mirror Mirror was a great twist

By Jkevinm80
Written April 01, 2012
This was fun! Julia was delightfully wicked, Armie was benignly clutzy and sincere, Lily Collins was a girl I would want my daughters, ( or daugters in law ), to be. The dwarves were warm, funny, sincere and clever. Nathan Lane was, well, Nathan Lane. He cracks me up just staring at the camera. The twist on the story line was a wonderful update to the traditional tale, and the photography, costumes and settings were stunning. Even the obviously CG material was subtle and fit the natural photography well. Overall we really enjoyed it. This one gets added to our Blu-Ray wish list to own!
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Fun, fun, fun

By DarlynneV
Written April 01, 2012
Here is a movie whose trailer showed exactly what was in store and delivered on the promise of more fun at the theater than I've had in a long time. I hope everyone enjoyed making the film as much as I did watching because it was truly a pleasure. Clever, unexpected, beautifully costumed.
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Mirror Mirror

By pattydolina
Written April 01, 2012
Mirror Mirror is entertaining, good for the kids and also good to spend time watching after a day's work. I've noticed the scenes were done mostly in the studio which were comparable to theatre scenes on stage. The scene that caught my attention the most was the "stilt acts" of jumping and acrobatic stunts by supposedly dwarves characters ( but apparently done by stilt artists ) and I find it incredulous and at the same time amusing. Mirror Mirror didn't blew me away while I was watching it all the time but overall, I would rate it at B. Seeing Julia Roberts portraying a villainess character in Mirror Mirror was the main reason that made me watch this movie. She's great both in a heroine and villainess characters. Bravo!!!
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Great Family Fun

By stepcoach
Written April 20, 2012
Unsure what to expect - sappy sentimentality or silly Disney stuff - we attended with friends and were thoroughly pleased with this movie. It has a full, interesting story which is very well told and beautifully presented. The writing was crisp, quick, and clever and the cast was excellent. We laughed a lot and left smiling and talking about our many favorite parts. I highly recommend this good, wholesome, kid-safe movie for everyone. As Christian parents, we were happy to take our kids to Mirror Mirror and to recommend it to our other family friends.
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Mirror Mirror - really not for kids under 13

By SuzDC
Written March 30, 2012
not your traditional snow white retelling. earned the pg rating, I would have gone PG-13. LOTS of adult humor, sexual innuendo. the prince is shirtless down to his navel 3 times, the 7 dwarves are thieving bandits who attack strangers in the woods, and 1 scene 1 of them comes home drunk from a bar and several scenes of them shirtless too. there is lots of fighting and swordplay, but no bloodshed and no violent killing, but there is a rather scary, detailed CGI dragon/monster in the climax scene that is attacking snow white and they left in the part where she was taken to the woods to be murdered under orders of the queen who clearly says "I want her killed." there are several funny parts where my 5 & 6 yo laughed, but it was from the dwarves facial expressions mostly, they missed all the jokes and got bored about 2/3rds of the way through. love the female empowerment message of snow white, but it doesn't show up until the last 1/3 of the movie. really not for under 13
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