Expected more

By gipsyv
Written March 31, 2012
I was sadly disappointed by this movie. I expected it to be adult friendly but found it was more for children or teenagers. It's a shame because I love Julia Roberts but still wouldn't recommend it.
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Snow White a good antidote for a rainy day

By nynativereview
Written April 01, 2012
Snow White is lighthearted, campy and enjoyable. Lily Collins has good screen presence for a newcomer and Julia Roberts has fun with her wicked queen role. Nathan Lane's skills are largely wasted in his small role and same for the blink and you missed him Sean Bean, but overall the movie is entertaining, although not memorable in any way.
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Mirror Mirror - a good thing

By Miss_Rosanne
Written March 31, 2012
Colorful and whimsical, a great twist on classic. Funny and clean and suitable for families. Humorous and a little adventure, worth the wait to see it! I am conservative, but some of the scenes might overwhelm those under 6. It is correctly rated PG.
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What to see when you just want a few light hearted laughs.

By Pheebee
Written April 01, 2012
I went because I like Julia Roberts and the story line was about what I was looking for.... just a few light hearted laughs. It fit the bill. If I were a little kid I would have loved it, as many around me did. It's worth seeing, the costumes were great and the twist on the 7 dwarfs was a new one on me!
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Mirror Mirror

By Jastect
Written April 02, 2012
This was a very sweet movie for young girls. My 10-year old loved it! I was slightly bored. There were some nice touches of female empowerment. The different take on the dwarves was a nice lesson in prejudice and misjudgment. The sarcasm from Julia Robert's evil Queen was fun. This was a pretty film to watch with pretty actors and decent acting. I loved the short appearance of Sean Bean - my fave from Game of Thrones.
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