Pleasantly Surprised: Captures Much the Same Vibe as "The Princess Bride"

By cinema.cynic
Written October 04, 2014
Saw the midnight premiere of "Mirror, Mirror". One of the smartest-written scripts in years! It's fun, self-aware, and takes the time to knock down the fourth wall to ensure the audience is in on the jokes. Energy/chemistry of the ensemble cast is infectious, and the laugh-out-loud/big grin moments had me thinking "Princess Bride" before the first act was over. Roberts is an amazing Evil Queen. She shifts gears from vain to funny to sinister without missing a beat, and Lane brings a lot of warmth and depth to Brighton, but it's the dwarves (Klebba, Prentice, and Co) who truly steal the show. Their banter and interplay are infectious and they deliver the most memorable scenes. Hammer's Prince is affable, but careful not to upstage Collins' Snow White. They make a pretty good team, and pull off a memorable sword fight (w/a few apparent callbacks to the Montoya/Roberts duel in Princess Bride). Singh's Bollywood ending? Kinda' fun: another self-aware bit. Liked TPB? See this!
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Mirror Mirror

By boofus2
Written March 31, 2012
Loved the show. Costumes were great. Better then reading the book. I think a lot of little girls will love the dresses. Dwarfs could have been a lttle more dressed as dwarfs. Any age group is good.
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Mirror, Mirror

By sass784
Written April 01, 2012
Didn't want to see it, but ended up enjoying it. If they ever make a movie about Audry Hepburn, Miss Collins is the one to play the role.
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Who is the Fairest?

By msantana311
Written April 02, 2012
Great move for kids. Very positive message and Snow White is not the damsel in distress anymore. I really enjoyed the movie as well as seeing my niece enjoying it. Although this is geared towards kids, adults will have a great time seeing it too. No blood or significant violence in the movie. Good clean humor and very entertaining scenes. Truly something for the whole family.
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Julia Roberts is Awesome!

By Squiror
Written April 02, 2012
I enjoyed Julia Roberts' performance in this movie. I took a four year old child to see this movie and it didn't hold her attention as well as I had hoped. The graphics when the Queen visits the mirror are incredible. The Dwarved were funny but had the fact that one had a crush on Snow White was a little creepy. Cute twist to the original storyline I suppose. The Indie Rock Dance tune at the end was AWFUL!
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