Mirror Mirror

By sandsar
Written September 28, 2014
A great movie! No cussing, no sexual content, no violence, We need more movies like this one. Julia Roberts is one of my favorites, and was amazing!!
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Mirror, Mirror

By globalreach
Written August 29, 2014
Very funny! It's not the traditional fairy tale, but it works. Scenery and costumes are magnificent. Julia Roberts is both beautiful and evil as the stepmother. Lily Collins is cute as Snow White. Mare Winningham will touch many hearts as Baker Margaret a refreshingly real person who is both loyal and caring. The 7 dwarfs made the movie, and Mark Povinelli stood out. Good family movie, or just to belly laugh.
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Pleasantly Surprised!

By serenity426
Written September 25, 2014
I was skeptical about this movie and was pleasantly surprised! It was cute and had just the right amount of humor! Glad we saw it...Julia Roberts is such a hoot as the evil Queen....loved Snow White's spunk. Great family movie...
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Wait and watch it for free on TV, not worth movie money!

By moviefanatic72
Written September 02, 2014
We were really looking forward to seeing this movie. The previews made it look like it would be very funny. Be advised that every funny part there is in the movie (there are not that many!) you have already seen in the previews! Its the first movie in awhile that I was in the theater hoping it would end soon. See Hunger Games instead.
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Julia is a Hoot

By pjcanniff
Written August 13, 2014
Julia Roberts is a hit in any type of movie. This is a pleasant twist on an old tale. Forget reality and just enjoy the story
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