Better than Expected

By slondoggy14
Written October 25, 2014
I have to say after seeing the trailers for Mirror Mirror I thought it would be pretty campy. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and kind of sweet the film is. There are definitely a couple of rather campy moments that I could have done without and the first 20 minutes are a bit on the slow side. But, once it gets going I really got into the world I was watching. Lily Collins as Snow White strikes a pretty good balance between the innocence of a girl hidden away and the strength of the heroine she's destined to become. I found both Armie Hammer and Julia Roberts to be a bit over the top but, not offensively so. However, the real stars of the film are the dwarfs. The interaction between themselves and Snow White is really funny and highly entertaining. Overall, I would definitely recommend seeing Mirror Mirror as just a truly fun movie.
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Great, GREAT movie!

By wrude2
Written April 28, 2015
This was SO ENTERTAINING! I was leery at first, but LOVED the characters, the plot, the COSTUMES! This movie HAS to win an award for the most MAGNIFICENT costumes I have ever seen. I LOVED this movie. Light and fun.
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By dkosub
Written September 29, 2014
Just a mishmash of horribleness. It's not funny. It's not engaging. It's boring. Julia Roberts is not "evil"; just selfish. Ms. Collins is cute but stuck in the middle between childhood and vamp --- very off-putting. Plot elements are fragmented and the show just doesn't get started (and, yes, remains booooorring. OH, I've already said that). The Dwarves.....un-funny. The stunts....silly. The CGI.....telling. The Vegas-Inspired castle is trite. The dialogue is not good. Could never figure out the Native Northwest American inspired "alternate" universe of the Mirror ~ weird. Will kids like it? Can't see how, really. Not much action save two and half fight scenes. Will adults like it? No. At the end I wanted a slice of that apple. Tell me again: what's the disadvantage to using magic???? Movies should be full of magic and this was nothing more than a cheap parlor trick. Boo.
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Fell short for me

By ScrappyWyf
Written October 21, 2014
I saw Mirror Mirror at a special screening, a few months back. I took my 8-year old son with me to see it. From my perspective as a 30-something mom of 3 boys: Pros: 1. Julia Roberts makes the movie. Snow White- played by Phil Collins' daughter- Lily Collins- gives a sweet performance and portrays a great Snow White. This movie just may catapult her to greater stardom! 2. Costumes!!! Wow! Beautiful and imaginative. Cons: For me, the Dwarves were the biggest disappointment of the movie. I understood going in that this movie would be different than the original Snow White. I didn't, however, think the Dwarves would be characterized as thieves, drunks, and otherwise sleazy. They dress in camo and steal from people passing by their cottage in the woods. They don't 'whistle while they work," and in one scene, one of the Dwarves hiccups after telling the others he had just come from the bar- insinuating that he was still drunk. These are no innocent Dwarves!!
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Brilliant movie!

By Festival4
Written September 06, 2014
Bravo, Tarsem! Mirror Mirror is artistic, enchanting, and inspiring, with beautiful, timely messages about social and ethical consciousness and inner strength as well as, sigh, true love. The sets and costumes are divine, and the casting is PERFECT! Julia Roberts, as always, is magnificent. She looks fabulous, of course, and her depth and wit...what it's all about. Nathan Lane: a true star. Lily Collins and Armie Hammer make the film. They are sweet, hilarious, nuanced, gorgeous, and superb actors.They should have very bright futures! The towering-in-spirit "dwarves" likewise make the film. These guys do it right: from banter to love and support--this movie has an even bigger heart because of them. Ditto: "bakers." The Bollywood-style celebration scene with the credits provides a very welcome touch of multiculturalism. It's all here: the you-must-watch-this fairytale story for the younger set and everything that makes movies unforgettable for the rest of us. Absolutely love it!
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