must see

By goldnugget
Written March 26, 2011
why do certain people keep on saying it is anti semetic. The movie was great, it shines the light on the other side of the story. must see. I still remember when critics gave Jurassic Park two thumbs down .. be your own judge...
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Compelling, honest, nuanced treatment of a complex issue.

By uhave2go
Written March 25, 2011
It really puts the current Palestinian/Israeli conflict in context while entertaining and moving the audience.
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See this Wonderful Movie

By jjeessssiiccaa
Written March 27, 2011
This is a beautiful and important film. It presents some pretty controversial but truthful perspectives in a way that is tangible to everyone. It shows villains and heroes on both sides of the argument. The writing is at times poetic, at times journalistic. The shooting style is sometimes dream-like, sometimes documentary. The thing with a movie like this is, sure the filmmakers could choose to hover above the characters and the situation and impose their pretentious and academic interpretation of the story in an alienating and complicated assault on the audience. Instead, Julian and Rula made a movie from their hearts, and they bravely told it in a straightforward, artistic, and honest manner. If you are an expert on Palestinian and Israeli issues, you may find things you don't agree with, some thing you believe to be untrue, some things to scoff at. But isn't that one reason you keep fighting and debating these issues--no one can agree on the problem, or the solution.
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Miral Review

By Derrick Deane
Written March 26, 2011
While it's well-acted and great to see Slumdog's Freida Pinto grow as a dramatic actress, the cinematography was so nauseating! I don't think the camera crew understood the concept of "Zoom Out." Everything is in close-up or extreme close-up with lots of artsy camera work (blurry images, overexposed film, etc.) and constantly moving. Sure it gives the movie a certain rawness but tell that to the two people who had to leave halfway into the movie to visit the restroom for a face-to-bowl encounter with a public toilet. If you like Freida Pinto (which is the only reason I bothered watching this), then wait for the DVD and fast forward to about 45 minutes into the movie. Maybe you'll make it thru with your food still in your stomach.
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ANTI-SEMITIC MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Reelity
Written February 01, 2011
Don't go see this anti-semitic movie about some poooooor palestinian girl complainning about everything. This is just propoganda from a self-hating Jewish director who hates Jews!!!!! He should make a movie about how the Jews suffered more than anyone instead or how the Jews created the only democrarcy. If the Palestinians just want to complain abuot everything they need to deserve what they get and stop complaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone criticises Israel its only because they hate Jews!!!!!! its so simple to anyone who pays attention to the news and current events!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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