“MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA” -- Problems midst those supposedly on the “SAME” side in a War =

By jimchudnow
Written September 24, 2008
[Based on an advance preview:] I had an uncle LAURIE who’d been an American PILOT fighting the Axis in Italy in World War II. He’d once commented to me that, tho a number of his fellow pilots were fairly racist & disliked working with the all-black American TUSKEGEE AIRMEN, he’d found them to be EXCELLENT pilots & was always PLEASED to have them helping out on missions. That same basic WWII racism is at the heart of Spike Lee’s new movie about a company of black SOLDIERS fighting and getting caught behind enemy lines in northern Italy. DEREK LUKE plays Staff Sgt Stamps; MICHAEL EALY is Sgt Cummings; LAZ ALONZO is Cpl Negron; & OMAR BENSON MILLER is Pvt Train (around whom the story sort of revolves). The movie has some unnecessary scenes (& length to some)-- but it’s a very EFFECTIVE, hard-hitting and thought-provoking story of some of the difficulties faced in the way people of different nations and attitudes fight for their own country and its then-current supposed political goals.
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Instant Classic

By DangerProof
Written September 11, 2008
Im looking forward to this one...Spike Lee consitantly puts out classic material...from School Daze to The Inside Man...and this is based on the true story...i cant wait to see how he delivers it...and its fresh to see young Black Men portrayed as real men doing real things...and not just mindless extras...and for that fact im sure a lot of folks are going to bad mouth this film...but i wont let the nay say curb my enthusiasm...
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Miracle this was funded.. (MUST READ REVIEW)

By iamrot
Written September 24, 2008
Wow.. where do I start? (Any Positive reviews you read about this film are a scam) In the opening credits you knew something was going to go wrong when you saw "40 Acres and a Mule Production".. This will be the worst 2 hours and 40+ Minutes of your life. The bad parts of this movie? The Screen Play, The Directing, The Acting and the way they dumb down the film.. oh and at most of the times during the film the soundtrack was really bad and inappropriate.. The soldiers you could tell have had very little training to play as soldiers. At one point in the movie where they pick up a stretcher it looks like they are AFRAID to even be on film.. There is a part where two of the lead actors in the film are arguing in the courtyard, the acting is so bad and seem's so forced you almost want to get up and leave the theater. This might be the only movie where I wish I didn't have to review and blog about it so I could have left the theater. Yea its that bad.
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By bigmoviemike
Written September 02, 2008
I mean Spike Lee has no talent, his movies bomb, he thinks he is the best director out there, leave the war movies to professionals like: Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Clint Eastwood, etc.
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Miracle at St. Anna. GRADE: C-Plus

Written September 25, 2008
I attended last night's advance press screening of director Spike Lee's movie-adaptation of James McBride's novel of the same name. Miracle at St. Anna/MASA (2hrs 40mins) presented the war contributions of African-American soldiers' and was loosely based on the August 1944 Sant'Anna di Stazzema massacre - featured a sculpted head from Ponte Santa Trinita which was used as a anchoring device for the movie. Major themes were racism, survival, loyalty/betrayal, revenge/vengeance/justice, and faith/religion. The story/plot has enough twists and surprises to keep one's attention. But the half-realized scenes were unfulfilling, the uneven flow and choppy editing were distracting. MASA suffered from trying to do too much in one movie - war story, love story, supernatural, murder mystery, race-examination - resulting in a muddled unsatisfactory movie despite the promising material. The unexpected ending neatly wrapped-up this tale. Verdict: It is worth checking out.
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