Mink Stole
Birth Place:
Baltimore, MD

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Tab Hunter I Am Divine
2013 John Waters I Am Divine
2013 Divine I Am Divine
2013 Ricki Lake I Am Divine
2009 Karen Black Stuck!
2007 Stephen Root Sunny and Share Love You
2006 Mike Farrell Out at the Wedding
2004 David Hasselhoff A Dirty Shame
2004 Tracey Ullman A Dirty Shame
2004 Ricki Lake A Dirty Shame
2004 Dom DeLuise Girl Play
2004 Phyllis Diller The Last Place on Earth
2004 Brock Peters The Last Place on Earth
2004 Billy Dee Williams The Last Place on Earth
2000 Ricki Lake Cecil B. Demented
2000 Eric Roberts Cecil B. Demented
2000 John Waters Cecil B. Demented
2000 Maggie Gyllenhaal Cecil B. Demented
2000 Roseanne Cecil B. Demented
2000 Stephen Dorff Cecil B. Demented
2000 Melanie Griffith Cecil B. Demented
1999 Cathy Moriarty But I'm a Cheerleader
1999 Ione Skye But I'm a Cheerleader
1999 Julie Delpy But I'm a Cheerleader
1999 Melanie Lynskey But I'm a Cheerleader
1999 Michelle Williams But I'm a Cheerleader
1999 Bud Cort But I'm a Cheerleader
1998 Dr. Timothy Leary Anarchy TV
1998 George Wendt Anarchy TV
1998 Jim Jarmusch Divine Trash
1998 Paul Morrissey Divine Trash
1998 John Waters Divine Trash
1998 Jonas Mekas Divine Trash
1998 Steve Buscemi Divine Trash
1998 Bess Armstrong Pecker
1998 Mary Kay Place Pecker
1998 Christina Ricci Pecker
1998 Martha Plimpton Pecker
1998 Lili Taylor Pecker
1994 Ricki Lake Serial Mom
1994 Kathleen Turner Serial Mom
1994 Sam Waterston Serial Mom
1992 Tracey Walter Liquid Dreams
1992 Paul Bartel Liquid Dreams
1990 Joe Dallesandro Cry-Baby
1990 Willem Dafoe Cry-Baby
1990 Troy Donahue Cry-Baby
1990 Ricki Lake Cry-Baby
1990 Joey Heatherton Cry-Baby
1990 David Nelson Cry-Baby
1990 Susan Tyrrell Cry-Baby
1990 Polly Bergen Cry-Baby
1990 Ken Curtis Cry-Baby
1990 Johnny Depp Cry-Baby
1988 Jerry Stiller Hairspray
1988 John Waters Hairspray
1988 Sonny Bono Hairspray
1988 Ricki Lake Hairspray
1988 Josh Charles Hairspray
1988 Divine Hairspray
1981 Divine Polyester
1981 Tab Hunter Polyester
1981 Edith Massey Polyester
1977 Edith Massey Desperate Living
1975 Divine Female Trouble
1975 Edith Massey Female Trouble
1972 Edith Massey Pink Flamingos
1972 Divine Pink Flamingos
1970 Divine Multiple Maniacs
1970 Edith Massey Multiple Maniacs
1969 Divine Mondo Trasho
1966 John Waters Roman Candles
1966 Divine Roman Candles
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