Milton Sills
Date of Birth
Jan 12, 1882

Worked With

Year Name Title
1930 Dorothy Mackaill Man Trouble
1930 Roscoe Karns Man Trouble
1930 Paul Fix Man Trouble
1930 Nat Pendleton The Sea Wolf
1929 Dorothy Mackaill His Captive Woman
1928 Betty Compson The Barker
1928 Dorothy Mackaill The Barker
1928 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. The Barker
1928 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Burning Daylight
1928 Frank S. Hagney Burning Daylight
1928 Doris Kenyon Burning Daylight
1928 Thelma Todd Crash
1928 William Demarest Crash
1928 Montagu Love Hawk's Nest
1928 Doris Kenyon Hawk's Nest
1927 Edward Peil Sr. Framed
1927 Mary Astor The Sea Tiger
1927 Alice White The Sea Tiger
1927 Doris Kenyon The Valley of the Giants
1927 Charles Sellon The Valley of the Giants
1926 Victor McLaglen Men of Steel
1926 Doris Kenyon Men of Steel
1926 Betty Bronson Paradise
1926 Noah Beery, Sr. Paradise
1926 Viola Dana The Silent Lover
1926 Montagu Love The Silent Lover
1925 Ruth Clifford As Man Desires
1925 Rosemary Theby As Man Desires
1925 Irving Cummings As Man Desires
1925 Viola Dana As Man Desires
1925 Doris Kenyon I Want My Man
1925 Phyllis Haver I Want My Man
1925 Dorothy Mackaill Making of O'Malley
1925 Cornelius Keefe The Unguarded Hour
1925 Doris Kenyon The Unguarded Hour
1924 Anna Q. Nilsson Flowing Gold
1924 Nelson McDowell Heart Bandit
1924 Viola Dana Heart Bandit
1924 Alla Nazimova Madonna of the Streets
1924 Wallace Beery Madonna of the Streets
1924 Wallace Beery The Sea Hawk
1924 Phyllis Haver Single Wives
1924 Henry B. Walthall Single Wives
1924 Kathlyn Williams Single Wives
1924 Phillips Smalley Single Wives
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Adam's Rib
1923 Elliott Dexter Adam's Rib
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson L'Ile des Navires Perdus
1923 Willard Louis A Lady of Quality
1923 Lionel Barrymore A Lady of Quality
1923 Pat O'Malley Last Hour
1923 Blanche Sweet Souls for Sale
1923 Jack Richardson Souls for Sale
1923 Kathlyn Williams Souls for Sale
1923 Erich Von Stroheim Souls for Sale
1923 John St. Polis Souls for Sale
1923 Florence Vidor Souls for Sale
1923 Marshall Neilan Souls for Sale
1923 Fred Niblo Souls for Sale
1923 King Vidor Souls for Sale
1923 Claire Windsor Souls for Sale
1923 Johnny Walker Souls for Sale
1923 June Mathis Souls for Sale
1923 Raymond Griffith Souls for Sale
1923 ZaSu Pitts Souls for Sale
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Souls for Sale
1923 Richard Dix Souls for Sale
1923 Charles Chaplin Souls for Sale
1923 Hobart Bosworth Souls for Sale
1923 Eleanor Boardman Souls for Sale
1923 Bessie Love Souls for Sale
1923 Mae Busch Souls for Sale
1923 William Haines Souls for Sale
1923 Patsy Ruth Miller Souls for Sale
1923 Elliott Dexter Souls for Sale
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson The Spoilers
1923 Louise Fazenda The Spoilers
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. The Spoilers
1923 Ford Sterling The Spoilers
1922 Louise Dresser Burning Sands
1922 Wanda Hawley Burning Sands
1922 Jacqueline Logan Burning Sands
1922 Irene Rich Marriage Chance
1922 Henry B. Walthall Marriage Chance
1922 Tully Marshall Marriage Chance
1922 Henry B. Walthall One Clear Call
1922 Irene Rich One Clear Call
1922 Claire Windsor One Clear Call
1922 Conrad Nagel Trip To Paramountown
1922 Wanda Hawley Trip To Paramountown
1922 Marion Davies Trip To Paramountown
1922 May McAvoy Trip To Paramountown
1922 Betty Compson Trip To Paramountown
1922 Alice Brady Trip To Paramountown
1922 Thomas Meighan Trip To Paramountown
1922 Bebe Daniels Trip To Paramountown
1922 Gloria Swanson Trip To Paramountown
1922 Rudolph Valentino Trip To Paramountown
1922 William C. DeMille Trip To Paramountown
1922 Tom Moore Trip To Paramountown
1922 Cecil B. DeMille Trip To Paramountown
1922 Lila Lee Trip To Paramountown
1922 Jack Holt Trip To Paramountown
1922 Leatrice Joy Trip To Paramountown
1922 Theodore Roberts Trip To Paramountown
1922 Wallace Reid Trip To Paramountown
1922 Wanda Hawley The Woman Who Walked Alone
1921 Betty Compson At the End of the World
1921 Adolphe Menjou The Faith Healer
1921 Gloria Swanson Great Moment
1921 Frank R. Butler Great Moment
1921 Lois Wilson Miss Lulu Bett
1921 Theodore Roberts Miss Lulu Bett
1921 Pauline Frederick Salvage
1921 Raymond Hatton Salvage
1920 Viola Dana Dangerous to Men
1919 Clara Kimball Young Eyes of Youth
1919 Rudolph Valentino Eyes of Youth
1919 Edmund Lowe Eyes of Youth
1919 Viola Dana Satan Junior
1918 Clara Kimball Young Savage Woman
1917 Miriam Cooper The Honor System
1916 Doris Kenyon Rack
1916 Alice Brady Rack
1915 Johnny Hines The Arrival of Perpetua
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