Written November 26, 2008
Gus Van Sant's 2 hr 8 min movie about the ill-fated San Francisco openly gay Supervisor and gay civil-rights leader is TOP CLASS - excellently well-done! The entire cast gave such commendable performances that helped to elevate this stirring rousing film above and beyond the ordinary - helped to trumpet the fact that civil/human rights are guaranteed by our country's constitution. The advance preview audience gave it a heartfelt ovation. VERDICT: Only the shallow superficial unenlightened would not be able to appreciate a tremendously well-made and well-acted movie of this high-caliber - but instead would launch personal unwarranted attacks against the stars/cast of this movie. So, please ignore HATEFUL and BIGOTED people who dissed this movie - especially when they HAVE NOT even seen it. D U H !!! A MUST-SEE!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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A Solid, Historically Accurate Film

By Big_Joe
Written November 12, 2008
Van Sant's mix of historical footage into his film bridges the decades of change in the US. Many young people are unaware that a person could be arrested for just being in a gay bar. Unless you were a screaming drag queen, your place was in the closet. The story of Harvey Milk is an American success story, where the seeming outcast brings people together through identifying our similarities and rallying enthusiasm and support. The film has a wonderful balance between social commentary and personal intimacy, without rubbing our noses in man-man affection. Sean Penn (Harvey Milk) handles the character with respect and clarity making it easy for the audience to accept him for who he was and what he did. The entire cast did an amazing job of "playing gay." Dennis O'Hare (John Briggs), on the other hand, did an excellent portrayal of a straight man, being gay himself. The script by Dustin Lance Black is tight and socially accurate, and handled perfectly by the cast.
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By What the Huh
Written November 26, 2008
First of all, what is with all the reviews of people panning the movie without having seen it? That a large part of the U.S. can't progress past blatent hatred is shameful. Disgusting. I have empathy for the gay community after seeing this movie. I get it. Oscar worthy and thought-provoking. Yes, two guys kiss, so the hell what.
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Good documentation of history.

By briannn101
Written November 21, 2008
Well it may be a little uncomfortable watching any two guys making out on the big screen when your not gay. But when its James Franco its just a little weirder. The movie came out at a good time seeing what is going on with California currently and other states with all these protests for gay rights. This movie is based off a true story of an openly gay politician and the determination he has to give gays equal rights. The movie is a drama, it will shock people who aren't comfortable with homosexuality. But, if you can get beyond those things than you should definitely go see it! Its got a slight amount of humor in it and its a pretty good story to watch on film
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My Favorite Movie of 2008 (Although I Saw It In 2009)

By glxy2
Written February 08, 2009
I will rate the movie on a scale from 0 to 10. 0 being the worst and 10 the best. Acting: 10 Plot: 10 Writing/Good Dialogue: 9 Directing: 8 Climax: 9 Keeps You Interested: 10 Should win for every single thing it is up for in the Academy Awards.
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