Mike Johnson

Worked With

Year Name Title
1946 Wally Patch George in Civvy Street
1946 Ronald Shiner George in Civvy Street
1946 Ian Fleming George in Civvy Street
1946 Roddy Hughes George in Civvy Street
1945 Jean Kent Waterloo Road
1945 Stewart Granger Waterloo Road
1945 Johnnie Schofield Waterloo Road
1945 John Mills Waterloo Road
1945 Alastair Sim Waterloo Road
1945 Beatrice Varley Waterloo Road
1945 Ben Williams Waterloo Road
1944 James Mason Hotel Reserve
1944 Patricia Medina Hotel Reserve
1944 Herbert Lom Hotel Reserve
1944 Lawrence Hanray Hotel Reserve
1944 Valentine Dyall Hotel Reserve
1943 Wally Patch Get Cracking
1943 Ronald Shiner Get Cracking
1943 Peggy Cummins Old Mother Riley, Detective
1943 Ben Williams Old Mother Riley, Detective
1943 Johnnie Schofield Old Mother Riley, Detective
1941 Margaret Rutherford Quiet Wedding
1941 Lawrence Hanray Quiet Wedding
1941 Roddy Hughes Quiet Wedding
1941 Peter Bull Quiet Wedding
1941 Bernard Miles Quiet Wedding
1941 Wally Patch Quiet Wedding
1941 David Tomlinson Quiet Wedding
1941 O.B. Clarence Quiet Wedding
1941 Jean Cadell Quiet Wedding
1941 Peggy Ashcroft Quiet Wedding
1941 Roland Culver Quiet Wedding
1941 Margaret Lockwood Quiet Wedding
1941 Martita Hunt Quiet Wedding
1941 Derek Farr Quiet Wedding
1939 Gus McNaughton There Ain't No Justice.
1938 Maureen O'Hara The Playboy
1938 Roger Livesey Smiling Along
1938 Gus McNaughton Smiling Along
1937 Moore Marriott Feather Your Nest
1936 Alastair Sim Keep Your Seats Please
1936 Gus McNaughton Keep Your Seats Please
1936 Martita Hunt Sabotage
1936 Charles Hawtrey Sabotage
1936 Oscar Homolka Sabotage
1936 Sylvia Sidney Sabotage
1936 Peter Bull Sabotage
1936 Torin Thatcher Sabotage
1934 Heather Thatcher Loyalties
1934 Basil Rathbone Loyalties
1934 Alan Napier Loyalties
1934 Anthony Holles Loyalties
1934 Lawrence Hanray Loyalties
1934 Robert Coote Loyalties
1933 Edmund Gwenn The Good Companions
1933 Lawrence Hanray The Good Companions
1933 Jack Hawkins The Good Companions
1933 Dennis Hoey The Good Companions
1933 John Gielgud The Good Companions
1933 Wally Patch The Good Companions
1933 Jessie Matthews The Good Companions
1933 Finlay Currie The Good Companions
1933 George Zucco The Good Companions
1932 Bill Shine Money for Nothing
1932 Edmund Gwenn Money for Nothing
1932 Seymour Hicks Money for Nothing
1930 Andrea Malandrinos Raise the Roof
1930 Maurice Evans Raise the Roof
1928 John Stuart Smashing Through
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