Mike Fenton

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Arthur Hiller Casting By
2012 Buck Henry Casting By
2012 Norman Lear Casting By
2012 Norman Jewison Casting By
2012 Taylor Hackford Casting By
2012 Robert Duvall Casting By
2012 Richard Dreyfuss Casting By
2012 Mel Gibson Casting By
2012 Clint Eastwood Casting By
2012 Bette Midler Casting By
2012 Juliet Taylor Casting By
2012 Jon Voight Casting By
2012 Paul Haggis Casting By
2012 Paul Rudd Casting By
2012 Oliver Stone Casting By
2012 John Sayles Casting By
2012 Robert Redford Casting By
2012 Martin Scorsese Casting By
2012 Jerry Schatzberg Casting By
2012 Danny Glover Casting By
2012 Robert De Niro Casting By
2012 Ed Lauter Casting By
2012 Diane Lane Casting By
2012 Ronny Cox Casting By
2012 Jeff Bridges Casting By
2012 Ed Asner Casting By
2012 Glenn Close Casting By
2012 Ned Beatty Casting By
2012 John Lithgow Casting By
2012 Woody Allen Casting By
2012 Burt Young Casting By
2012 Peter Bogdanovich Casting By
2012 Tony Bill Casting By
2012 John Travolta Casting By
2012 Al Pacino Casting By
2012 Paul Mazursky Casting By
2012 Lynn Stalmaster Casting By
2012 Cybill Shepherd Casting By
1994 Richard Farnsworth The Getaway
1994 Philip Seymour Hoffman The Getaway
1994 Kim Basinger The Getaway
1994 Alec Baldwin The Getaway
1994 Michael Madsen The Getaway
1994 Jennifer Tilly The Getaway
1994 James Woods The Getaway
1994 David Morse The Getaway
1994 Jack Black The Neverending Story III: Escape from Fantasia
1994 Freddie Jones The Neverending Story III: Escape from Fantasia
1993 John Malkovich Alive
1993 Ethan Hawke Alive
1993 Josh Lucas Alive
1993 Vincent Spano Alive
1993 Illeana Douglas Alive
1993 Patrick Swayze Father Hood
1993 Bob Gunton Father Hood
1993 Josh Lucas Father Hood
1993 Adrienne Barbeau Father Hood
1993 Halle Berry Father Hood
1993 Diane Ladd Father Hood
1993 Georgann Johnson Father Hood
1993 Michael Ironside Father Hood
1993 Juliet Taylor Once Upon a Forest
1993 Ben Vereen Once Upon a Forest
1992 Bill Paterson Chaplin
1992 Diane Lane Chaplin
1992 Dan Aykroyd Chaplin
1992 Penelope Ann Miller Chaplin
1992 Kevin Kline Chaplin
1992 David Duchovny Chaplin
1992 Geraldine Chaplin Chaplin
1992 Moira Kelly Chaplin
1992 Robert Downey, Jr. Chaplin
1992 James Woods Chaplin
1992 Marisa Tomei Chaplin
1992 Anthony Hopkins Chaplin
1992 Robert Stephens Chaplin
1992 Nancy Travis Chaplin
1992 Tony Shalhoub Honeymoon in Vegas
1992 Seymour Cassel Honeymoon in Vegas
1992 Nicolas Cage Honeymoon in Vegas
1992 Robert Costanzo Honeymoon in Vegas
1992 James Caan Honeymoon in Vegas
1992 Sarah Jessica Parker Honeymoon in Vegas
1992 Noriyuki "Pat" Morita Honeymoon in Vegas
1992 Peter Boyle Honeymoon in Vegas
1992 Anne Bancroft Honeymoon in Vegas
1992 Rodney Dangerfield Ladybugs
1992 Chuck McCann Ladybugs
1992 Frank Oz The Muppet Christmas Carol
1992 Michael Caine The Muppet Christmas Carol
1992 Rhea Perlman Radio Flyer
1992 Elijah Wood Radio Flyer
1992 Tom Hanks Radio Flyer
1992 Lorraine Bracco Radio Flyer
1992 Ben Johnson Radio Flyer
1992 Adam Baldwin Radio Flyer
1992 John Heard Radio Flyer
1992 Michael Madsen Trouble Bound
1992 Seymour Cassel Trouble Bound
1992 Billy Bob Thornton Trouble Bound
1992 Patricia Arquette Trouble Bound
1992 Laura San Giacomo Under Suspicion
1992 Liam Neeson Under Suspicion
1991 Michael J. Pollard Another You
1991 Jerry Houser Another You
1991 Vanessa Williams Another You
1991 Kevin Pollak Another You
1991 Mercedes Ruehl Another You
1991 Stephen Lang Another You
1991 Gene Wilder Another You
1991 Vincent Schiavelli Another You
1991 Richard Pryor Another You
1991 Tom Sizemore Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
1991 Mickey Rourke Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
1991 Don Johnson Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
1991 Giancarlo Esposito Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
1991 Tia Carrere Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
1991 Vanessa Williams Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
1991 Klaus Maria Brandauer White Fang
1991 Seymour Cassel White Fang
1991 Ethan Hawke White Fang
1991 Nicolas Cage Zandalee
1991 Steve Buscemi Zandalee
1991 Judge Reinhold Zandalee
1991 Joe Pantoliano Zandalee
1991 Marisa Tomei Zandalee
1991 Viveca Lindfors Zandalee
1990 Mark L. Taylor Arachnophobia
1990 Julian Sands Arachnophobia
1990 John Goodman Arachnophobia
1990 Jeff Daniels Arachnophobia
1990 Henry Jones Arachnophobia
1990 Mel Gibson Bird on a Wire
1990 Goldie Hawn Bird on a Wire
1990 Bill Duke Bird on a Wire
1990 Stephen Tobolowsky Bird on a Wire
1990 David Carradine Bird on a Wire
1990 Jeff Corey Bird on a Wire
1990 Tommy Lee Jones Fire Birds
1990 Nicolas Cage Fire Birds
1990 Sean Young Fire Birds
1990 Dick O'Neill Loose Cannons
1990 Paul Koslo Loose Cannons
1990 Ronny Cox Loose Cannons
1990 Dan Aykroyd Loose Cannons
1990 Dom DeLuise Loose Cannons
1990 Nancy Travis Loose Cannons
1990 David Alan Grier Loose Cannons
1990 Alex Hyde-White Loose Cannons
1990 Robert Prosky Loose Cannons
1990 Gene Hackman Loose Cannons
1990 Sally Field Not Without My Daughter
1990 Alfred Molina Not Without My Daughter
1990 Brooke Bundy Riding the Edge
1990 Raphael Sbarge Riding the Edge
1989 Denholm Elliott Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
1989 River Phoenix Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
1989 Alex Hyde-White Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
1989 Harrison Ford Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
1989 John Rhys-Davies Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
1989 Sean Connery Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
1989 Julian Glover Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
1989 Tom Hanks Turner and Hooch
1989 Mare Winningham Turner and Hooch
1989 John McIntire Turner and Hooch
1989 Craig T. Nelson Turner and Hooch
1988 JoBeth Williams Memories of Me
1988 Alan King Memories of Me
1988 Sean Connery Memories of Me
1988 Sidney Miller Memories of Me
1988 Billy Crystal Memories of Me
1988 Mark L. Taylor Memories of Me
1987 Miranda Richardson Empire of the Sun
1987 Robert Stephens Empire of the Sun
1987 Ben Stiller Empire of the Sun
1987 John Malkovich Empire of the Sun
1987 Christian Bale Empire of the Sun
1987 Burt Kwouk Empire of the Sun
1987 Joe Pantoliano Empire of the Sun
1987 Richard Dreyfuss Stakeout
1987 Forest Whitaker Stakeout
1987 Madeleine Stowe Stakeout
1987 Aidan Quinn Stakeout
1987 Emilio Estevez Stakeout
1985 Louis Gossett, Jr. Enemy Mine
1985 Lance Kerwin Enemy Mine
1985 Brion James Enemy Mine
1985 Dennis Quaid Enemy Mine
1985 Martha Plimpton The Goonies
1985 Robert Davi The Goonies
1985 Josh Brolin The Goonies
1985 Curtis Hanson The Goonies
1985 Sean Astin The Goonies
1985 Joe Pantoliano The Goonies
1985 Newt Arnold The Goonies
1985 Anne Ramsey The Goonies
1985 John Matuszak The Goonies
1985 Maury Chaykin Turk 182!
1985 Robert Culp Turk 182!
1985 Kim Cattrall Turk 182!
1985 James Tolkan Turk 182!
1985 Paul Sorvino Turk 182!
1985 Peter Boyle Turk 182!
1985 Timothy Hutton Turk 182!
1985 Dick O'Neill Turk 182!
1985 Robert Urich Turk 182!
1984 Chris Penn Footloose
1984 Sarah Jessica Parker Footloose
1984 John Lithgow Footloose
1984 Lori Singer Footloose
1984 Dianne Wiest Footloose
1984 Kevin Bacon Footloose
1984 Maureen Stapleton Johnny Dangerously
1984 Danny DeVito Johnny Dangerously
1984 Dom DeLuise Johnny Dangerously
1984 Neal Israel Johnny Dangerously
1984 Alan Hale, Jr. Johnny Dangerously
1984 Griffin Dunne Johnny Dangerously
1984 Jack Nance Johnny Dangerously
1984 Marilu Henner Johnny Dangerously
1984 Michael Keaton Johnny Dangerously
1984 Peter Boyle Johnny Dangerously
1984 Ray Walston Johnny Dangerously
1984 Ron Carey Johnny Dangerously
1983 Susan Sarandon The Buddy System
1983 Edward Winter The Buddy System
1983 Jean Stapleton The Buddy System
1983 Richard Dreyfuss The Buddy System
1983 Nancy Allen The Buddy System
1983 Kathy Bates Two of a Kind
1983 Scatman Crothers Two of a Kind
1983 Robert Costanzo Two of a Kind
1983 Charles Durning Two of a Kind
1983 Ernie Hudson Two of a Kind
1983 Oliver Reed Two of a Kind
1983 Beatrice Straight Two of a Kind
1983 John Travolta Two of a Kind
1983 Gene Hackman Two of a Kind
1983 Olivia Newton-John Two of a Kind
1982 Ed Lauter The Amateur
1982 John Kerr The Amateur
1982 Marthe Keller The Amateur
1982 John Marley The Amateur
1982 Christopher Plummer The Amateur
1982 John Savage The Amateur
1982 Arthur Hill The Amateur
1982 Robert Beatty The Amateur
1982 Graham Jarvis The Amateur
1982 Adolfo Celi Monsignor
1982 Robert Prosky Monsignor
1982 Christopher Reeve Monsignor
1982 Fernando Rey Monsignor
1982 Jason Miller Monsignor
1982 Geneviève Bujold Monsignor
1982 Joe Pantoliano Monsignor
1982 Zelda Rubinstein Poltergeist
1982 Beatrice Straight Poltergeist
1982 Craig T. Nelson Poltergeist
1982 Dominique Dunne Poltergeist
1982 JoBeth Williams Poltergeist
1982 Heather O'Rourke Poltergeist
1982 Anthony Michael Hall Six Pack
1982 Diane Lane Six Pack
1982 Barry Corbin Six Pack
1981 Kim Cattrall Porky's
1981 Eric Christmas Porky's
1981 John Rhys-Davies Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Denholm Elliott Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Harrison Ford Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Karen Allen Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Tutte Lemkow Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Frank Marshall Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Alfred Molina Raiders of the Lost Ark
1981 Vic Armstrong Raiders of the Lost Ark
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