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In one of his best silent films, Charley Chase plays homely Mr. Moose, whose buck teeth make him a laughingstock. But Mrs. Moose (Vivien Oakland) isn't any better off -- her nose really does rival a moose's. Each of them decide to have plastic surgery and surprise their unsuspecting mate. The results, however, are so radical that when they meet on the street they don't recognize each other. Flush with their brand-new looks, they begin a flirtation and plan to attend a party together. Both of them rush home to get ready, carefully avoiding the other. But the party they go to is raided and they find their photo splashed across the front page of the paper. Back home, Charley finally realizes that the girl he's been flirting with is his wife and he hypocritically decides to teach her a lesson for going around behind his back. He still has a set of bucktooth dentures (the dentist gave them to him for "identification purposes") and he puts on a wild, quick-change show for his wife in which her husband and "lover" fiercely battle it out in front of her. Mrs. Moose is properly mortified until she notices that the newspaper also has a "before and after" ad featuring Charley's dental work. Then she really lets him have it. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

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