Mighty Fine Synopsis
MIGHTY FINE follows a dysfunctional American family through the turmoil they undergo when certain boundaries in their relationships are pushed to the limit.
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Mighty Fine

By quillsmith
Mighty Fine is driven by Chazz Palminteri’s powerful performance as Joe Fine, the loving but troubled father who can’t control his inner demons. Chazz fills the screen with a combination of vitality...

The Fine Mirror

By tenwaymom
In the movie Mighty Fine, Joe Fine instructs the movers from Exodus Moving Company to be very careful with his disco ball when his family is relocating from Brooklyn, NY, to New Orleans, LA. I guess...

Mighty Fine

By debbiegoodstein
This is a must see movie! Moving! Thought provoking! A cautionary tale in theses trying times. Chazz Palminteri's performance is genius. You'll be thinking about it for days......

By wyndsayl

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Rated R | For Language and brief nudity