Midnight's Children Synopsis
Children born on the brink of India's independence grow up in a country that is vastly different.
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Midnight's Children

By jean68vigo
A remarkable film about identity, allegiance, and personal relationships following the independence and partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. Salman Rushdie, who wrote the screenplay based on his...

Midnight's Children -- Open Our Eyes!

By criticalfan
A beautifully filmed story of the lives of the babies born on the day of India's independence from British colonial rule. Many characters, trials, tribulations of the time -- plus magic! For...

Not worth it

By P_Dubs
The casting was not so great, and some of the actors playing central characters did not carry their weight. I have not read the book, and following the story of the family across the generations was...

Magic realism meets history lesson

By tabraham60
Rushdie tells a brutal but finally uplifting tale of two boys switched at birth (prince and the pauper). In the process he gives up a history lesson of events in the Indian subcontinent from the Raj...

Midnight's Children

By qwerty78
Beautifully made, intense, very close to the feel of the story and character development....

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By okorrn
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