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Midnight Movie

By movie_fanatic_1
Written March 07, 2009
I honestly believed Midnight Movie was going to be some cheesy horror film rip-off. I was completely wrong. Though some of the effects were at times unrealistic, I felt the story line saved the film. The script really was the star of this film. The acting was good, but if the right person was casted for the role it could have been so much better. The directing was excellent. Everything seemed to flow simultaneously. I was very impressed with the editing as well. Again, everything really flowed smoothly. I loved the fact that they turned some cheesy, 70's horror film and turned it into its own scary story. I even got a few laughs in. I was particulary impressed and felt my money was spent well.
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By nicolemcrouch
Written November 12, 2008
This movie was great, started off with some cheesy lines in the beginning though. Other than that, I can't wait till it comes out of DVD to add to my collection! GREAT MOVIE!
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midnight movie

By suzannesugarbaker
Written November 13, 2008
i must say its the best and worst b movie ive seen . i totally say take a group of friends and laugh your butts off.. theres gonna be a sequel i hope and i will go see it.. it was a fun movie and made me think of those crazy saturday movies that are played on tv(those who dont have cable).. totally fun...
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