Beautiful and Thought Provoking

By mhimes60
Written October 24, 2012
This film was so deep and thought provoking that I couldn't stop thinking about it long after it was over. The characters were very real. I'm sure many of us know a Ruby or may have even been her at some point in our lives. I felt a little robbed by the ending, but I get why it ended the way it did. A beautiful, must see film. It restored my faith in so many things, including myself.
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Best Dramatic Film of the Year

By kokomoviegoer
Written October 17, 2012
Without being violent, lewd, or a parody of the reality tv generation, this film singularly elevates real drama. The lead female actress is exemplary and the two males are each contemplative, complex, and serious. This film is full of long meaning-"full" pauses that emphasize the crippling decisions that must be made. This film is rich with multiple layers of social and personal value conflicts.
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By echoalpha74
Written October 13, 2012
Great story about loyalty, love and discovering yourself. Need more stories like this.
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