Middle of Nowhere

By msjac908
Written June 03, 2015
I did like the film because it's a situation that happens in real life. People have and are currently experiencing the same issues. I recognized the actress that played the mother from other movies. The director did a great job on the directing and the story line. This movie is for adults only.
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Common Story but...

By movie_luver2013
Written October 08, 2015
I was so excited to see this movie. It was good but NOT very realistic in the gritty sense of how things go down. Yes, women wait, pay for lawyers, deal with family drama and dream of him holding you in the middle of the night while you sleep. But, we also find out more than he was having relations with the corrections officer on duty. Women deal with those other women who come and see the man you love because he's also the man THEY love too. Women deal with down-low men behind the walls of prison, their partners who lie about the actual time they are doing because they cannot or won't share how much time they have been sentenced. I think those who don't know this life will benefit more than those who have on more than once occassion visited someone they love in jail. I'm not sure if the idea of the move was to show the lack of black men available because they are in jail and how women are missing out on the good ones who are right in front of them. Check it out.
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Middle of Nowhere

By koolkoolkev
Written July 04, 2015
Beautifully shot, with characters that were real life (by that I mean that they were faced with choices that didn't come with easy answers). One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. A welcome break from all the remakes and mega blockbusters. A little movie with a great story and good acting. Reminded me of "Love Jones".
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Well done

By dobanion684
Written November 02, 2012
I thought the movie was very good. The story was not a feel good story so don't expect a Hollywood feel good ending. The film by Ava DuVernay is about a young med student and her incarcerated husband. Well filmed, understated and beautifully told cinema. Great acting, writing and directing. The music was incredible and well placed. Solid editing.
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Middle of Nowhere

By matylady
Written May 25, 2015
Excellent. Artfully done with powerful performances. Subtle scenes that invoke so much emotion. I couldn't stop thinking about it for hours after. It's a must see. Let's give it some love, Chicago.
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