Middle Men Synopsis
A businessman tries to maintain a proper home life while mixing with a host of unsavory characters.
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Terrorists and Porn

By suemarie
Luke Wilson is the brains behind a billing company for internet porn users. The company also includes a couple of idiots that get involved with Russians, the FBI, terrorists and a creepy lawyer...

Five Word Review

By Mister Right
Over-acted Morality Play with Sunglasses...

Five Word Review

By mrsmikeyatgmal
Boring Not worth seing Forgetit...

Five Word Review

By marnie
Intense Interesting Enjoyable Intriguing Ride...

Naughy but Nice...

By Christopharo
On the whole I enjoyed the movie. I thought it interesting according to this movie the porn industry has been highly instrumental in shaping the internet. I myself haven't tried to compile the...

give it a chance

By themase
not a grest beginning but ended up being a pretty good story. worth seeing....

More interesting story than you'd think

By gessicam
Some twists in the story definitely keep you entertained. Do not go if you get offended by nudity, as there are many half-naked women walking around in the background. Funny too....

Great movie

By BSnyder3
Not just about the porn industry. Must see, great story that never lets up. See it/...

Sex, Dollars and Fools

By NathanielQueen
If this is a true story then I am surprised that these rascals every made any money. Two crazy guys with an ever madder midle-man makes fir a few laughs and more than enough yarns....

Much better than the ad campaign...

By korea555
...which is misleading, designed to attract the curious prurient, but even there it is misleading, .. because it delivers a very small dose of the softest porn. The movie is about the corruption of...

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Rated R | For strong sexual content, nudity, language, drug use and violence
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says History of the Internet porn industry; not for kids.
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