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A man and his friends devise a plan to blow up two weapons factories.
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By Mark Jenkins
Like "The Big Sleep," Micmacs tells a tangled story that may be just too much for some viewers. But the film moves nimbly, has an exuberant...
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Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Jeunet maintains a firm control of his dreamscape creation, drawing on influences as varied as "Toy Story," "Children of Paradise," and...
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New York Post

By Lou Lumenick
Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the French di rector of "Amelie," is back to more lighthearted whimsy with the delightful Micmacs.
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New Orleans Times-Picayune

By Mike Scott
The whole thing is such a rare visual treat -- such a tres magnifique cinematic spectacle -- that those flaws are easy to overlook....
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By James Berardinelli
Micmacs is an inventive romp punctuated by the kind of quirkiness Jeunet has brought to all his films.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Carrie Rickey
Spiced with melancholy and magic, Micmacs is an imaginative live-action film with the playfulness of an animation like "Ratatouille."...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Kirk Honeycutt
Another beguiling if draining fantasia from Jean-Pierre Jeuet that harkens back to silent movies.
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By Stephanie Zacharek
Nearly everyone, and everything, in Micmacs is at one point or another guilty of trying too hard.
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
Micmacs is the equivalent of a circus troupe setting up a tent in a war zone: You're entertained, even delighted, but after a while you...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
Highly visual but cold. It's undeniably inventive, but also relentlessly fey and self-consciously zany and, in terms of story, it moves...
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Refreshing, entertaining, inventive, hilarious movie

By JollyBill
WOW. I can't say enough about how wonderfully refreshing this film is. I loved it. Great actors, great writing, great cinematography, great directing. It has great character development and is a...

Five Word Review

By lalimasverde
inspiring beautiful yet simple story...


By cmac99a
Jeunet's fairy-tale approach to attack weapons and their destructive effects captures the importance of family and the transforming power of love. Great movie....

Five Word Review

By alexmadva
Meaningless mayhem but endlessly clever...

Five Word Review

By keanho
Quirky Satisfying Whimsical Topical Delightful...

Five Word Review

By Talondriver
Looking for Amelie, found Ambien...

a French Ocean's 11 meets Duplicity

By jenhc
This story of vengeance has charisma in Danny Boon and some laugh-worthy and smile-worthy spots, but the overall payoff just fell short. If you like Jean-Pierre Jeunet's style, creativity and clever...

Inventive & whimsical

By dalidaisy
I absolutely loved this film. It was such a departure from the big Hollywood movies that are crowding the theaters & it was a breathe of fresh air. Sure, it's subtitled, but you barely even notice....

Five Word Review

By kbeer
thin but inventive french fun...

Another reason why I love Jeunet

By houseofdny
I can't get film like this in America unless films like these are shared with America. While I would not rank this chapter as highly as some of Jeunet's past triumphs, the combination of...

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Rated R | For some sexuality and brief violence