Michelle Monaghan
Date of Birth
Mar 23, 1976

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Brian Cox Pixels
2015 Adam Sandler Pixels
2014 Jane Fonda Better Living Through Chemistry
2014 Ray Liotta Better Living Through Chemistry
2014 Ken Howard Better Living Through Chemistry
2014 Sam Rockwell Better Living Through Chemistry
2014 John Savage Fort Bliss
2014 Woody Harrelson True Detective [TV Series]
2014 Matthew McConaughey True Detective [TV Series]
2012 Stephen Dorff Tomorrow You're Gone
2012 Willem Dafoe Tomorrow You're Gone
2011 Kathy Baker Machine Gun Preacher
2011 Michael Keaton Penthouse North
2011 Jeffrey Wright Source Code
2011 Jake Gyllenhaal Source Code
2011 Scott Bakula Source Code
2010 Robert Downey, Jr. Due Date
2010 Juliette Lewis Due Date
2010 Jon Cryer Due Date
2010 Jamie Foxx Due Date
2010 Charlie Sheen Due Date
2010 Todd Phillips Due Date
2010 Stephen Dorff Somewhere
2010 Maurizio Nichetti Somewhere
2008 Anthony Mackie Eagle Eye
2008 Billy Bob Thornton Eagle Eye
2008 Michael Chiklis Eagle Eye
2008 Shia LaBeouf Eagle Eye
2008 Sydney Pollack Made of Honor
2008 Patrick Dempsey Made of Honor
2008 Kathleen Quinlan Made of Honor
2008 Benjamin Bratt Trucker
2008 Matthew Lawrence Trucker
2007 Amy Madigan Gone Baby Gone
2007 Ed Harris Gone Baby Gone
2007 John Ashton Gone Baby Gone
2007 Morgan Freeman Gone Baby Gone
2007 Jerry Stiller The Heartbreak Kid
2007 Ben Stiller The Heartbreak Kid
2007 Scott Wilson The Heartbreak Kid
2007 Polly Holliday The Heartbreak Kid
2006 Ving Rhames Mission: Impossible III
2006 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Mission: Impossible III
2006 Billy Crudup Mission: Impossible III
2006 Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible III
2006 Philip Seymour Hoffman Mission: Impossible III
2006 Laurence Fishburne Mission: Impossible III
2006 Keri Russell Mission: Impossible III
2005 Corbin Bernsen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
2005 Robert Downey, Jr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
2005 Val Kilmer Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
2005 Angelina Jolie Mr. & Mrs. Smith
2005 Chris Weitz Mr. & Mrs. Smith
2005 Vince Vaughn Mr. & Mrs. Smith
2005 Keith David Mr. & Mrs. Smith
2005 Brad Pitt Mr. & Mrs. Smith
2005 Sean Bean North Country
2005 Sissy Spacek North Country
2005 Charlize Theron North Country
2005 Woody Harrelson North Country
2005 Frances McDormand North Country
2005 Richard Jenkins North Country
2004 Brian Cox The Bourne Supremacy
2004 Julia Stiles The Bourne Supremacy
2004 Franka Potente The Bourne Supremacy
2004 Matt Damon The Bourne Supremacy
2004 Joan Allen The Bourne Supremacy
2004 Anthony LaPaglia Winter Solstice
2004 Allison Janney Winter Solstice
2003 Michael Douglas It Runs in the Family
2003 Kirk Douglas It Runs in the Family
2003 Bernadette Peters It Runs in the Family
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