Michelle Meyrink

Worked With

Year Name Title
1988 Keanu Reeves Permanent Record
1988 Jennifer Rubin Permanent Record
1988 Barry Corbin Permanent Record
1988 Kathy Baker Permanent Record
1987 Barbara Harris Nice Girls Don't Explode
1987 Wallace Shawn Nice Girls Don't Explode
1987 Gerritt Graham Tonight's the Night
1985 Graham Jarvis One Magic Christmas
1985 Mary Steenburgen One Magic Christmas
1985 Sarah Polley One Magic Christmas
1985 Elias Koteas One Magic Christmas
1985 Arthur Hill One Magic Christmas
1985 Harry Dean Stanton One Magic Christmas
1985 Patti D'Arbanville Real Genius
1985 Jane Jenkins Real Genius
1985 Ed Lauter Real Genius
1985 Val Kilmer Real Genius
1985 William Atherton Real Genius
1984 Ernie Hudson Joy of Sex
1984 Christopher Lloyd Joy of Sex
1984 John Goodman Revenge of the Nerds
1984 Anthony Edwards Revenge of the Nerds
1984 James Cromwell Revenge of the Nerds
1984 Timothy Busfield Revenge of the Nerds
1984 Robert Carradine Revenge of the Nerds
1984 Bernie Casey Revenge of the Nerds
1983 Emilio Estevez The Outsiders
1983 Tom Cruise The Outsiders
1983 Sofia Coppola The Outsiders
1983 William Smith The Outsiders
1983 Tom Waits The Outsiders
1983 Patrick Swayze The Outsiders
1983 Diane Lane The Outsiders
1983 Matt Dillon The Outsiders
1983 Leif Garrett The Outsiders
1983 Ralph Macchio The Outsiders
1983 Rob Lowe The Outsiders
1983 Frederic Forrest Valley Girl
1983 Nicolas Cage Valley Girl
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