Michael Stoyanov

Worked With

Year Name Title
2008 Eric Roberts The Dark Knight
2008 Anthony Michael Hall The Dark Knight
2008 Aaron Eckhart The Dark Knight
2008 Cillian Murphy The Dark Knight
2008 Heath Ledger The Dark Knight
2008 Morgan Freeman The Dark Knight
2008 Michael Caine The Dark Knight
2008 Christian Bale The Dark Knight
2008 William Fichtner The Dark Knight
2008 Gary Oldman The Dark Knight
2008 Maggie Gyllenhaal The Dark Knight
1998 Adrien Brody Restaurant
1993 Randy Quaid Freaked
1993 Keanu Reeves Freaked
1993 Brooke Shields Freaked
1993 Alex Winter Freaked
1993 Bobcat Goldthwait Freaked
1993 George Clooney Without Warning: Terror in the Towers
1992 Jeffrey Jones Mom and Dad Save the World
1992 Jon Lovitz Mom and Dad Save the World
1992 Teri Garr Mom and Dad Save the World
1992 Wallace Shawn Mom and Dad Save the World
1992 Eric Idle Mom and Dad Save the World
1989 Carrie Snodgress Across the Tracks
1989 Rick Schroder Across the Tracks
1989 Brad Pitt Across the Tracks
1989 Lisa Zane Gross Anatomy
1989 Christine Lahti Gross Anatomy
1989 Zakes Mokae Gross Anatomy
1989 Max Perlich Gross Anatomy
1989 Matthew Modine Gross Anatomy
1989 Todd Field Gross Anatomy
1989 Charles Fleischer Gross Anatomy
1989 Rick Schroder Out on the Edge
1989 Richard Jenkins Out on the Edge
1989 Mary Kay Place Out on the Edge
1987 Ellen Geer Big Shots
1987 Janet MacLachlan Big Shots
1987 Jerzy Skolimowski Big Shots
1987 Robert Prosky Big Shots
1987 Beah Richards Big Shots
1987 Paul Winfield Big Shots
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